Exercises to strengthen the hindlimbs

Improve the hindlimb musculature in dogs is an interesting option both dogs are being rehabilitated in subsequent problems in dogs as in healthy first, but having weakness in the hindquarters.

The first thing to do is evaluate the patient. Observe the subsequent muscle mass, muscles feel this, see if there is tension or flaccidity of muscle atrophy.

Looking at muscle tension will be convenient to start downloading muscle rehabilitation, massage, withTENSWith heat ... however if you look weak and sagging rehabilitation must begin withElectrostimulationor light muscle toning exercises.

The rides is the easiest way to start a rehabilitationit must always be free of pain, if your dog pain should go to the vet and take steps to resolve the situation pharmacological measures, oneTENSit can also be very useful for eliminating pain during walking.

Another important point is the way the dog walks, especially if it uses its forelimbs to launch this year will not bring us virtually no improvement in the strength of the post.

It is important to get the dog to work with the hind legs, this can get walking on a short leash and telling the dog to load weight on the rear, it will be virtually impossible ifthe dog hasca painderas, knees or otherter structuresubsequent trade.

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Squats (make the dogfeels and raise somerepetitions in a row) will be one of the exercises we use, we mustthat practice for when the dog is not in pain in the rear and your muscle mass is sufficientto hold this exercise or alternatively we can help us aSubsequent harnessup to help the dog.

Carritos para perro. Rehabilitación, fisioterapia y ortopedia Canina - Ortocanis.comThe work in the water with the underwater treadmill is one of the best exercises that strengthen the muscles and joints protecting. Hiking in slope is another of the exercises that we practice,the slope gradient will force more posterior third and the dog work harder and increase the muscle power of the posterior third. This can be done in both a rise and a treadmill with incline.

In the later stages of treatment can be usedweights for strengthening the musculaturerin dogs.

There are several solutions that can help us to better perform these exercises, the dog feel better and can perform these exercises correctly increasing strength in the posterior third as they areknee,supports tarsus,hip support, Or theBoots or protective footin case of problems in the plant.


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