Top Tips for Senior Dog Care

When a dog gets older, its needs change. Also the care that we must give them so that their life remains full and of quality when they become senior dogs. Therefore, from a certain age, ailments can begin. And sooner than you think. Usually, each year of a dog’s life is equivalent to seven of a human. So it doesn’t take long until a dog enters middle age. Of course, first of all, you have to know when a dog can be considered senior.

Senior dogs: at what age do they become so?

In general, a dog can be considered to be seniorified during the last quarter of its life. In addition, small and medium-sized dogs become senior later than large ones. Usually, larger breeds become senior dogs by the age of seven or eight. Sometimes, a year earlier. It all depends on its size, because the larger the breed of the animal, the sooner it will be considered senior.

Meanwhile, dogs of smaller breeds begin to be considered senior around 9 or 10 years, and their life expectancy is also longer as they are smaller breeds.

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What distinguishes a senior dog

First of all, a senior dog is in no way synonymous with a sick dog. Rather it will be a dog that has entered maturity. Therefore, it has many advantages. It is an animal with some experience. In general, it is already taught and is calmer than puppies and young dogs.

Of course, this does not mean that it has become an animal that does not perform activities. It only implies that he will not be as fond of adventures as before, and that he begins to like to follow certain routines.

What care to give to senior dogs

With the maturity of a dog, the first ailments begin to appear. It also becomes necessary to start monitoring your health more carefully. Thus, it will be convenient to take you from time to time to the veterinarian for a check-up. It is the best way to control the problems that may appear in your teeth, in your fur, your vision, etc. Also to detect diseases associated with the wear and tear caused by age.

On the other hand, you have to take care of your diet to avoid overweight, which increases in senior dogs due to the reduction in physical activity associated with age. Senior dogs that are overweight may suffer from various joint ailments more often. In these cases, the dog’s knees can suffer the consequences. This, added to the fact that with maturity the joints of animals can become inflamed and osteoarthritis appears, can cause walking problems and pain.

Despite all the weight and medical checks, there are times when osteoarthritis cannot be prevented from appearing. In this case, in addition to following the treatments recommended by the veterinarian, you can help him feel better with a knee protector for his affected limbs. Or if osteoarthritis affects their hips, with a special harness for them. With it you will have more stability when it comes to moving.

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