Equipment for rehabilitation, physiotherapy and orthopedics for disabled dogs or those undergoing recovery treatments.


  • Recovering strength...

    Increase strength and balance for optimal recovery.

  • Bandages

    Protects ligaments and tendons. They support without restricting movement or alter blood circulation.

  • Mats

    Support mats to protect the joints and special mattresses to improve strength and balance during rehabilitation sessions.

  • Massagers

    Electronic devices with vibration and/or infrared that increase the positive effects of therapeutic massage. They help to restore mobility, relax and reduce pain. 

  • Hot/cold Therapies

    Products that decrease inflammation and pain in recent processes (cryotherapy) or chronic (thermotherapy)

  • Rehabilitation...

    Objects used for setting up our own rehabilitation circuit and/or agility. 

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  • 74,95 €

    Rehabilitation plate for dogs made of resin and with nonslip surface. Its two planes of motion make it ideal to start rehabilitation. It helps to build up the strength of the back legs.

    74,95 €
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  • 25,41 €

    Exercise balls are suitable for canine rehabilitation and physiotherapy.    There are different diameters available in order to suit all breeds and sizes.   Their wide range of movements enable a personalized training in different directions (forward-backward and sideways).Highly resistent, provides superior gripping and in case of puncture it doesn't...

    25,41 €
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  • 75,00 €

    40 cm wide circular board to work instability and train dog's proprioception. One single piece made of synthetic resins, provided with a sturdy and resistant structure.

    75,00 €
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  • 23,84 € 28,84 €

    The peanut ball is made of highly resistant PVC material, to be used with dogs. Highly resistent, provides superior gripping and in case of puncture it doesn't explode but defltes slowely. It enables proprioceptive rehabilitation of the hind limbs. Its unique shape limits its movement to front-back or side-side. It is ideal to train dog's proprioception...

    23,84 € 28,84 €
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  • 150,00 €

    Exercising on this equipment improves a dog’s balance and proprioception, which is the sense of knowing where a body part is in space. 

    150,00 €
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  • 12,29 €

    Thera-Band exercise bands Thera-Band latex exercise bands are available in 8 color-coded levels of resistance. They provide both concentric and eccentric resistance on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion and muscle balance. An excellent tool for canine rehabilitation.

    12,29 €
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  • 47,32 €

    Suitable to do balance exercises while sitting. It also makes the transition to standing easier and helps keeping this position. Measurements: 55 cm long with a diameter of 20 cm or 25 cm. It is made of foam rubber and covered with artificial leather. Available in blue or black.

    47,32 €
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  • 22,46 €

    Suitable to do balance exercises while sitting. It also makes the transition to standing easier and helps keeping this position. It is made of foam rubber and upholstered in Skay.

    22,46 €
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  • 67,00 €

    The Airex Balance Pad makes a perfect beginning balance training tool and provides low balance challenges for dogs recovering from injury.

    67,00 €
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  • 91,40 €

    Airex mats are instantly ready for a wide variety of training programs and exercises and offer endless possibilities for new workouts. Indoors, outdoors and in the water – the indestructible Airex products are a must for any training. The material is flexible and always stays in top shape. It is ideal to be used for dog rehabilitation and manual therapy.  

    91,40 €
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  • 38,65 €

    Mat with hygienic treatment that prevents both training and growth of bacteria and fungi (antibacterial and antifunguicida). Based composite additives safe for animals and the environment.

    38,65 €
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  • 75,00 €

    Cushion designed especially for rehabilitation exercises in dogs.It is a high-level pad designed to enhance physical performance in animals that need exercise your muscles after an injury or operation. It offers a greater challenge to maintain coordination and stability  

    75,00 €
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  • 24,71 €

    These interlocking mats are made of high-density foam and are ideal for dog rehabilitation.  The best product to have a warm, comfortable and clean floor. Not sold out of Spain.

    24,71 €
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  • 2,68 €

    Designed for massage, reflexology, canine therapy, and relaxation exercises They are firm, transparent and elegant. When used for body massage these balls help relieve tension and stimulate blood circulation

    2,68 €
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  • 33,81 €

    Massage device with infrared. It accelerates the blood circulation of subcutaneous tissues, muscles, ligaments and joints.

    33,81 €
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  • 69,38 €

    Specialized massager based on the principle of tapping massage. Specially designed to obtain an intensive, pleasant and effective massage.  

    69,38 €
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  • 5,04 €

    They can be placed at the top of the cones or fixed through the holes of perforated cones.

    5,04 €
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  • 5,65 € 6,20 €

    The most simple and economic support for poles. We cab easily adjust the obstacles' height.

    5,65 € 6,20 €
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  • 18,70 €

    Half circumferences as hedgehog. Hard wearing material. For use in physical therapy to help retrain proprioception, coordination, gait and balance while allowing mobility exercises and muscle strengthStimulates blood circulationAdjustable pressure inside

    18,70 €
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  • 23,88 €

    Weights build muscle mass and help dogs with sensory deficits track more normally through sensory re-education. It is practical, safe, hygienic and very comfortable.

    23,88 €
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  • 2,55 €

    It has been designed to provide comforting cold or hot therapy in an effective reusable system. It remains flexible when frozen and can be heated up in the microwave. 

    2,55 €
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  • 12,21 €

    To be used in cryo- or thermotherapy. It adapts perfectly well to the dog's body shape and it is very easy to fasten

    12,21 €
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  • 18,45 €

    This portable instant cold pack provides immediate cold therapy to help reduce swelling and provide comfort after an injury. It eliminates the need for ice and can be used anytime and anywhere.

    18,45 €
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  • 5,45 €

    Cold SprayA fast, temporary cooling spray to be used in case of bruises, sprains, inflammation and muscle pulls.  It is also suitable to treat trigger zones and acupuncture points.

    5,45 €
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  • 23,10 €

    Gel Trainer's Choice 5000 A unique, veterinary liniment gel with menthol and aloe vera. Originally formulated for racehorses, and usually used for competing dogs, it acts as an aid in the temporary relief of minor stiffness and soreness caused by overexertion. It is also suitable for non-competing dogs with general muscular and joint stiffness, and...

    23,10 €
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  • 23,97 €

    Made with a special three-dimensional fabric that provides, amongst others, the following unique advantages: breathability, excellent weight distribution, moisture resistant and fully adaptable to your dog's body.  Recommended for dogs with leishmaniasis, dysplasia and/or any other joint pain.

    23,97 €
  • 109,75 €

    High-quality trampoline with protector which helps dogs strengthening their limbs and improving their balance. Recommended for neurological and post-surgical rehabilitation.

    109,75 €
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  • 61,57 €

    A fantastic quality strong, fabric-based bandage that tears easily by hand and sticks to itself for quick wrapping and longer staying power. It is significantly stronger than most cohesive bandages and is widely used in professional sport. Available colour: white, blue, red and beige

    61,57 €
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  • 66,07 €

    The original Japanese kinesiology tape. K-Active tape is a water-repellent, elastic and adhesive tape that can be worn on the skin for several days. It is made out of a cotton fabric and an acrylic adhesive that is activated by friction after attaching. It leaves no residue after removal and does not contain latex.

    66,07 €
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  • 20,86 €

    K-Active adhesive spray has been designed to be used as an additional fixation. Recommended to be used with K-Active tape when extra adherence is needed: sports, sweating areas...

    20,86 €
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