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Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a type of low-frequency electrotherapy that stimulates the thick nerve fibers. It activates the descending inhibitory analgesic systems. Stimulation of the thick myelinated nerves blocks the transmission of pain stimuli to the brain.

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    TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) + EMS The pack consists of a TENS electrostimulator + EMS, 4 rubber electrodes and a bottle of contact gel. The pack includes everything necessary for applying current and stimulatory analgesic in dogs. 

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    TNS Omega Low-frequency, multi-purpose, easy-to-use professional equipment which not only administers pain relief, but can also be used to carry out relaxation and strengthening treatments.

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    Megasonic 313 Sport Portable device with 4 independent channels for muscle electrostimulation and pain relief. Portable low-frequency professional unit to be used at home, in sports medicine or in clinics.

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    Combined ultrasonic therapy and electrostimulation unit.2 channel currents combined with Ultrasound. Different forms of wave: Interferential bipolar and tetrapolarGalvanicHigh VoltageVMSTENSRussianTrabertMicrocurrent

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    A veterinary product to apply physical therapy in animals. - Electrical stimulation: Healing for wounds and fractures, increases circulation, strengthens the muscle, edema, etc. ..- Ultrasound: Increases the mobility of the soft tissues, reduces inflammation of tendons and ligaments.- Combination of Stim and Ultrasound- Laser therapy: Tendinitis, healing .

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