Helping dogs in their daily lives, allowing forelimb injuries to heal, such as elbow dysplasia or carpal hyperextension.      

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  • 16,49 €

    The dog wrist wrap is ideal for dogs with arthrosis, arthritis, and injuries in ligaments, tendons and muscles. Made with dynamic, highly resistant neoprene and a special plush lining that speeds up the healing and recovery process while protecting the joint. In gray or black depending on availability.

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  • 74,34 €

    New solution for stabilizing and protecting your dog's elbows. Unique in Europe. This brace improves mobility in dogs with elbow arthritis, reduces hygromas and provides support. Designed and tested by veterinarians.  You can order either a standard or custom made size. 

    74,34 €
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  • 24,75 €

    This brace for a dog's unstable or osteoarthritic carpus offers various degrees of immobilization thanks to the included iron rods. It is the ideal orthosis for dogs recovering from surgery as well as an evolved alternative to the Robert Jones bandage.  Made from high quality materials.

    24,75 €
    Available from the beginning of February
  • 23,93 €

    The dog elbow brace is suitable to be used before and after surgery and in cases of rheumatoid arthritis; such as osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, arthritis and ED, amongst others.

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  • 61,94 €

    For the treatment of fractures and other injuries in distal limbs in dogs. Limb injuries in dogs usually require an effective immobilization. This new splint has been moulded after a human one and is commonly used in cases of leg, tarsal or paw injuries.

    61,94 €
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  • 33,76 €

    Clear plastic splint for cats and dogs. It has been designed to be fitted quickly and accurately. It supports the leg from both sides when it is properly padded with a soft bandage.

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  • 70,21 €

    This splint blocks the carpal joint (wrist). Its design allows the contact between the paws and the floor, making it more confortable for the dog.

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  • 22,27 €

    The dog leg wrap is ideal for dogs with arthrosis, arthritis, and injuries in the ligaments, tendons and muscles. The Back on Track material helps to speed up the healing and recovery process.

    22,27 €
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  • 61,07 € 66,07 €

    The bootie splint supports the lower part of the limb. The brace extends under the paw to stabilize toe injuries and provides the support needed to properly position the limb.  It is especially indicated for knuckling problems, as well as for neurological processes and proprioceptive deficits in the distal limbs. 

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