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Protects ligaments and tendons. They support without restricting movement or alter blood circulation.

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  • 14,90 €

    Dressing made of plastic strips thermodeformable at 70 ºC that become stiff when getting dry. The main advantages of Vet-Lite are its exclusive stiffness, its light weight and its great capacity of ventilation enabled by its orifices.

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    A fantastic quality strong, fabric-based bandage that tears easily by hand and sticks to itself for quick wrapping and longer staying power. It is significantly stronger than most cohesive bandages and is widely used in professional sport. Available colour: white, blue, red and beige

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  • 20,86 €

    K-Active adhesive spray has been designed to be used as an additional fixation. Recommended to be used with K-Active tape when extra adherence is needed: sports, sweating areas...

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  • 79,95 €

    The original Japanese kinesiology tape. K-Active tape is a water-repellent, elastic and adhesive tape that can be worn on the skin for several days. It is made out of a cotton fabric and an acrylic adhesive that is activated by friction after attaching. It leaves no residue after removal and does not contain latex.

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  • 21,95 €

    Aluminium strip covered on both sides with foam padding. It can be easily cut with ordinary scissors and can be formed into any shape. Suitable for metacarpus and metatarsus fractures in dogs with tendon injuries (roll of 100X11 cm).

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  • 19,95 €

    The dog wrist wrap is ideal for dogs with arthrosis, arthritis, and injuries in ligaments, tendons and muscles. Made with dynamic, highly resistant neoprene and a special plush lining that speeds up the healing and recovery process while protecting the joint. In gray or black depending on availability.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items