Special Beds

Mattresses specially made for old dogs or with orthopedic problems.

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  • 52,06 €

    This dog bed made of thermal fabric has been specially designed for keeping your old or arthritic dog extremely comfortabe while resting. Back on Track fabrics increase blood circulation, joint performance and improve the quality of rest.

    52,06 €
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  • 23,97 €

    Made with a special three-dimensional fabric that provides, amongst others, the following unique advantages: breathability, excellent weight distribution, moisture resistant and fully adaptable to your dog's body.  Recommended for dogs with leishmaniasis, dysplasia and/or any other joint pain.

    23,97 €
  • 46,98 € 61,98 €

    New orthopedic bed filled with Memory Foam. Removable cover is antibacterial, antiallergic, water repellent and ultra resistant. The special composition and design increases blood circulation, optimizing rest and joint performance.

    46,98 € 61,98 €
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items