Custom Knee Brace for Dogs


This custom knee brace helps dogs with lameness and joint problems and reduces pain in dogs with arthritis or arthrosis, cruciate ligament injuries, meniscus injuries, kneecap problems and tendinitis. 

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Custom Dog Knee BraceCustom Knee brace for dogs

A dog's knee is a complex joint that often requires a long recovery period with the risk of further problems appearing as a result. 

When a dog's knee suffers any type of injury, the muscles are quickly weakened and the joint is destabilized, which can cause injuries in the meniscus and arthritis in the joint cartilage.

The knee brace reduces pain and swelling by improving the balance among the different muscle groups. Improved flexibility in tight muscles enables the dog to quickly regain a normal walking gait in the affected limb. The slight pressure that this brace exerts relieves the burden on the joints, increasing their stability and preventing the injury from progressing to a more severe state. 

In cases of cruciate ligament injury the dog can use the knee brace before the surgical procedure (along with the prescribed treatment), to prevent the loss of muscle mass. The dog can begin to use the brace 5 days after the operation once the swelling has subsided. It is recommended to apply cold during the first 5 days with a cold pack

Please indicate the following measurements in the comments section of your order:


1 - Upper circumference of the leg.
2 - Circumference of the kneecap or central part of the leg.
3 - Bottom circumference of the leg.
4 - Measure the length of the upper waist, from one side of measurement 1, over the back, to the opposite side of measurement 1.
5 - Distance between measurements 1 and 2.

6 - Distance between measurements 2 and 3.

Instructions for use

The knee brace has to be correctly pulled up on the dog’s leg until it covers the knee region. Place the brace's fastening strap under the abdomen and over the back and fasten the Velcro. Be careful not to injure the dog when placing it, applying force to the brace while still respecting the natural position of the knee. 

Custom Dog Knee Brace

In the unlikely case of swelling and/or redness you must contact a veterinarian or physiotherapist.

In most cases, a thin sock/cotton pad can be applied between the protector and skin to eliminate possible problems.

This custom made product takes 10 days to be realized once the measures have been received.

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Ratings and comments from our customers

 -   (Ronda, Spain)
Muy bien, llegó justo lo que habíamos pedido y ha ayudado mucho a nuestra perrita, gracias.
 -   (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Hallo Mr. Serrano,Ihre angefertigte Orthese ist gestern bei uns eingetroffen.Und unsere Freude darüber ist riesengroß, denn die liebevoll angefertigte Knie-Bandage passt unserem italienischen Pinscherweibchen 'Piccola' perfekt. Piccola hat die Stütze sofort angenommen und nicht als unangenehm abgelehnt. Piccola läuft damit herum, als trüge sie die Stütze schon länger. Wir haben den Eindruck, d
 -   (Guadarrama, Spain)
Todo fenomenal producto y servicio
 -   (Fremont, United States)
It was great until it was lost:(
 -   (Mexicali, Mexico)
Le quedó perfecto a mi perrita, seguí las instrucciones para un protector a la medida y todo muy bien, ya lleva 6 meses con ella y su problema de rodilla mejoró mucho, corre y salta sin problema y sin dolor. Llego en tiempo y sin problema a Mexicali, México.