Adjustable Dog Wheelchair


This wheelchair for dogs can be fully adjusted to fit any type of dog.

It is the most modern wheelchair on the market and the only one that is fully adjustable. Made of aluminum.

Equipped with different carts that meet the needs of dogs with reduced mobility. Available in three colors. Free shipping. Option of repurchase.

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Adjustable Dog Wheelchair for Hind Legs

This dog wheelchair is designed to fit any sized dog. Wheelchairs for dogs are essential for managing problems in the hindlimbs. They enable dogs to stay active and maintain their independence, thus regaining their physical and mental health. In some cases, using a wheelchair can be the key to a good recovery in animals with reversible paraplegia. 

medidas silla de ruedas autoajustable

It has 2 main uses: 

  • Auxiliar in dogs with reduced mobility in the hind legs. The animal receives support to move the hind legs freely. It provides independence and prevents the loss of muscle mass and ankylosis due to prolonged disuse, as well as allowing the animal to regain mobility.  
  • Full support for back legs in paralyzed dogs. It ensures their independence and prevents skin ulcers due to permanent, prolonged rest on the bed or floor. There are even many cases where, depending on the injury, the dog can regain mobility, as we increase the dog's activity level and enable it to try moving the legs.  

The most common situations where using a wheelchair is necessary are: hip dysplasia, arthritis, herniated discs, proprioceptive deficits, as an aid during rehabilitation or in order to immobilize the hind limbs after a surgical procedure. 


The design of this chair is unique and has been endorsed and improved by expert veterinarians. Made of extruded aluminum parts and designed to easily adapt to any sized dog. Assembly is very simple. The wheelchair comes with all necessary components and instructions for its immediate use.  

It can be instantaneously adapted to any breed or size thanks to its new and improved design. Our unique neoprene harnesses offer better adjustment and comfort.


We only need you to measure from the ground up to the groin and select the measurement from the drop down menu. Available in blue, pink or camouflage.   

Adjustment Period 

The key to success regarding the dog's adjustment to the wheelchair lies in the dog's desire to walk again and that the front legs are in good condition. Thus, a cheerful dog with the desire and motivation to move again, that has to drag itself around the house by pulling with the front limbs, will be eternally grateful to you for providing a dog wheelchair. With the chair, once again you will be able to enjoy going for walks and feeling your dog tug on the leash. 

Generally, the dog adjusts to the wheelchair on the same day we introduce it. In the event that the animal has had a long period of inactivity and there is muscular atrophy, we must progressively introduce the chair in order for the muscles in the front legs to become stronger: in a few days we can observe how the dog passes from spending the whole day lying down to having an almost normal activity level. When acquiring a wheelchair for dogs you will receive a set of recommendations that will help you during this process. 

If you are not sure that your dog will adapt well to the chair, we also have the possibility of renting this chair and its accessories, such as the compatible rear lift harness

The wheelchair besides regaining mobility and your dog's self-esteem, also improves the condition of the muscles, having a very positive overall effect on their health. 

Do not miss our videos and photo galleries that will provide you with all the information you need in order to assemble the wheelchair and adjust it perfectly to your dog. 

Its adjustment is easy and quick. Watch this video where we show you how an Ortocanis wheelchair for dogs works:

"The life of a disabled dog no longer has to be a drama!"


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Ratings and comments from our customers

 -   (CARVIN, France)
Absolument ravi de cet achat. Facile à monter et à régler. Le charriot est de très bonne qualité. J’ai pris ce charriot pour ma chienne Carnage qui est quasi « paralysée » du train arrière !! Elle peut de nouveau se déplacer et jouer avec ses 3 congénères et commence même à reprendre appuis sur ses pattes arrières !! Aucun problème pour faire les besoins, c'est bien étudié !! Bref, je recommande !
 -   (Alcoi, Spain)
Hemos recibido la silla y estamos intentando que nuestra mascota se adapte a ella. Le està costando un poco porque le fallan las fuerzas tanto en las patas traseras como en las delanteras
 -   (Rajadell, Spain)
Para Luca y para nosotros ha sido volver a tener libertad, le funciona tan bien que no se acuerda que la lleva, por eso necesitábamos un recambio para la rueda , es genialvolverla a ver correr detrás de una pelota, ella tuvo un infarto medular.
 -   (Sant Cugat del Valles, Spain)
Aún no hemos empezado a hacer servir el carrito, lo haremos en breve. No obstante, cuando lo probamos antes de comprarlo, pensamos que sería una muy buena solución.
 -   (Granada, Spain)
todo muy correcto y muy buenos profesionales