Articulating carpal rigid metacarpal


Especially designed to avoid knuckling.

Custom-designed product available upon request.

Designed and manufactured in North America.

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Articulating carpal rigid metacarpal

Especially designed to avoid knuckling.

It fixes the paw in a normal stance position so when walking, the nails, digits and paw do not drag on the ground creating sores. The carpal joint can have free range of motion during gait cycle while provide rigid support for the paw. In addition, the orthosis provides a rocker roller design to facilitate a smooth gait cycle.

Ortocanis custom-designed orthosis

Orthotic applications are fabricated out of thermoform plastic with thermo foam lining for a comfortable intimate fitting. A biomechanical approach is used when configuring the strapping system to suspend devices. Elastic integration of the strapping system allows for a comfortable fit while maintaining optimal suspension, so as not to impede on the dynamic movement of dogs anatomy.

Orthotics are designed for the following three applications:






7-17.5 kg


18-31 kg


more than 31.5 kg

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