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    The Web Master Harness is a supportive, multi-use harness built for manoeuvring and assisting dogs up and over obstacles. It is a great collar alternative and is ideal for hiking, mobility assistance and rehabilitation. It was originally designed for search and rescue organisations as well as service and work dogs. 

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    Especially suited for improving mobility in older, disabled or injured dogs. It fastens from the hips to the abdomen. Indicated for dogs weighing from 16-59 kg (35 to 130 lbs), with lifting straps and adjustable support handles.

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  • 49,10 €

    The Flagline Ruffwear Harness is a practical and comfortable type of harness with a very light structure. The dog can wear it throughout the day.

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    Dog harness to be used as an accessory to the our hip brace and our biko brace.

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    Harness for dogs with reduced mobility in the hind quarters. It is adjustable, enabling dogs to relieve themselves normally. This design is compatible with the adjustable dog wheelchair.

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  • 49,50 €

    This full support harness has a very new and innovative design especially developed to lift and help dogs overcome obstacles. A strong handle on the back allows easy control or holding of the dog. Thanks to the removable floating pads, it can be used also as  a swimming vest or a protective jacket.

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  • 90,45 €

    The Ruffwear Web Master PRO Harness is designed to meet the needs of search and rescue teams. It is made of a metal frame with an ergonomic design to allow a full range of motion and offer high security so that even the most skilled dogs cannot escape. It features metal clasps, a reinforced assistance handle and two integrated low-profile pockets.

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    This is the top selling harness for disabled dogs! It is the ideal aid for dogs with hip osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or neurological problems. It offers security, stability and support for dogs with mobility problems in both front and hind legs.  Both the dog's leash and harness can be held with the same hand.

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    The Load Up Harness is an extremely resistant harness to support a dog with mobility problems. A great solution in case you need to support the dog in the central/front area thanks to the handle positioned on the dog's back. It is also a harness that can be used in the car to fasten the dog so to make him secure during sudden vehicle movements and allows...

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  • 57,77 €

    This full body system harness for dogs is the answer to an "all-in-one" support harness. Designed by canine rehabilitation experts specifically for post-op patient control and as an assistive device for older or arthritic dogs. Colour green or black based on availability.

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    This rear support harness is suitable for dogs with reduced mobility in the hind quarters who are temporarily or permanently disabled. Manufactured by Julius K-9. 

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    This Double Back dog harness by Ruffware creates a secure connection between man and dog, providing maximum comfort and safety. Originally designed for mountaineering support dogs, it is ideal for climbing, mountaineering, canyoneering, belaying, helping dogs up and down steep and rocky terrain as well as for mobility assistance and rehabilitation.

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    Some dogs are built in such a way that the knee brace may slip off the back. This fastening belt prevents the knee brace's upper strap from falling off. The belt is fastened with an optional harness that can be added to the pack.  To be used in combination with our dog knee brace.

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    Special help for blind dogs. Flexible and resistant, helps the dog to avoid obstacles and bumping into any obstruction.

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    The Biko-Brace has been specially designed to help dogs walk with ataxia, Degenerative Myelopathy, degenerative disc disease or post-operative patients.   The brace corrects the position of the hind limbs. 

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  • 37,11 €

    The Support Sling by Ortocanis is designed to comfortably assist and lift larger dogs. It provides the balance and support necessary for your dog to lead a more active life.

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    This wheelchair for dogs can be fully adjusted to fit any type of dog. It is the most modern wheelchair on the market and the only one that is fully adjustable. Made of aluminum. Equipped with different carts that meet the needs of dogs with reduced mobility. Available in three colors. Free shipping. Option of repurchase.

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    Alternative solution to the uncomfortable cone collars. This collar helps to avoid the dog or cat from licking any kind of injury or bendage.

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    Pack with excellent performance, fit, and functionality. The Approach Pack from Ruffwear is ideal for day hikes or overnight trips.

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