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What side effects do anti-inflammatories have in dogs?

Anti-inflammatory drugs, called NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), are the most commonly prescribed pain reliever in dogs , used primarily to treat pain and inflammation in veterinary medicine. Inflammation, the body’s response to irritation or injury, is characterized by redness, heat, swelling, and pain. It is important to note that we should NEVER administer them to […]


What to do if our dog goes blind?

Unfortunately some dogs can suffer from vision loss and go blind. There are some breeds such as the German Shepherd, Cocker or Labrador, among others, in which this disease occurs more frequently. Luckily, sight is the third sense for dogs, it comes after smell and hearing, so blindness does not affect them in the same […]

Why use an orthopedic mattress in older dogs

Dogs, just like us, may need a specific mattress to improve their rest. Much more so if it is about older dogs with pain, mobility problems or that have just come out of a surgical operation . For these cases, orthopedic mattresses for dogs can be a great ally. What are orthopedic mattresses?: Orthopedic mattresses […]

Anxiety in post-confinement dogs

  After several months of quarantine at home, the return to the offices is restarted and with it comes the separation of our animals. This can lead to Separation anxiety in dogs . For this reason, it is useful to observe them the first days of the new routine, and follow some recommendations so that […]