Dog boots are a great help both to prevent injuries and to help them heal.

Boots as prevention… in summer and winter

Spikes : in spring and summer. They usually stick between the fingers. Once they are stuck, due to their characteristic shape, they move inwards and can travel long distances and cause serious infections. In addition, stones, twigs, crystals,… all this can injure your dog’s paws in the field.



Heat : although we do not notice it because we are wearing shoes, in summer the ground can reach really high temperatures, especially if it is dark in color (for example, asphalt). On sunny days, we should protect our dog’s pads.


Snow – Snow can lead to dermatitis and cracking of the pads. In small dogs, even freezing of the final part of the legs. (Photo dog snow boots Ortocanis)


Boots as an aid to wound treatment


Boots are a very good alternative to some bandages for dog “foot” injuries. They allow them to be more comfortable and, most importantly: they are easy to remove and put on, so we can see the state of the injury at any time and let it “breathe” from time to time. (vet photo with dog)


Boots as an aid in orthopedic diseases


Boots become essential for dogs with movement problems, whether due to hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament rupture or simply advanced osteoarthritis. They allow the dog to have a better grip on the ground, greatly improve walking, and prevent injuries due to a “slip”. Especially important inside homes, where the floor is often slippery.


Do you want to see how a dog “manages” with his boots?





joint pain They are common in dogs, especially older dogs and large breed dogs. Although any dog can suffer from joint problems due to causes such as excessive exercise or other ailments or disorders.

To help your dog you can use chondroprotectors and you will also find experts in canine orthopedics who can advise you on the use of orthopedic aids .

There are different types of joint protectors , depending on where the dog suffers the pain.

Do you know what chondroprotectors are?

Chondroprotectors are not drugs, but food supplements, and are made up of natural substances to prevent and treat joint problems. The composition of chondroprotectors is usually hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

The function of the chondroprotector is to prevent the breakdown of cartilage. This breakdown is the first step in the development of degenerative joint disease, so they are most effective when used early in the disease.

They reduce inflammation and stiffness, relieving the pain felt by the dog. As a result, your mobility improves and your joints and cartilage recover.

In the market you can find many types. From Chondroprotectors with added natural anti-inflammatories or even feed with chondroprotectors included in its composition.

Do you know how to detect if your dog needs these aids?

First of all, comment that both joint protectors and chondroprotectors can be complementary aids that help reduce joint pain suffered by dogs. You can use them in case of joint problems, such as dysplasia, osteoarthritis, or arthritis; after joint surgery or trauma; or to strengthen joints in formation.

It is also important to recognize certain signs to find out if your dog needs these aids. If you notice that your dog is reluctant to move, limps, has trouble climbing stairs, moves strangely, is less active or complains if you touch him. The most obvious symptom that your dog has a joint problem is limp. However, other symptoms may also appear that indicate that you suffer from joint pain, such as:


  • Your dog lies down and gets up with difficulty.
  • He does not want to go up or down steps and has difficulty getting into the car.
  • He is slower on walks, does not run, does not play and does not want to walk much.
  • It walks strangely, with its back legs close together, or even crossing them.
  • It shows pain when you touch or brush it, even complaining.
  • He licks his paws and joints a lot.
  • It carries its head or tail lower than normal.
  • Their legs are stiff or swollen around the joints.

The best help for joint pain It will depend on your particular situation. We always recommend consulting with the veterinarian to find the one that best suits each case.

Luckily, more and more, we have new solutions to reduce joint pain in our dogs and thus improve their quality of life 🙂





Unfortunately some dogs can suffer from vision loss and go blind. There are some breeds such as the German Shepherd, Cocker or Labrador, among others, in which this disease occurs more frequently.

Luckily, sight is the third sense for dogs, it comes after smell and hearing, so blindness does not affect them in the same way as it does us and with some facilities they can return to their previous rhythm of life.

At first you may feel disoriented and confused but we must know that blind dogs can also enjoy life Just like any other dog, we just need to adapt. Never better said “It is neither the strongest nor the most intelligent of the species that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”

What can we do if our dog goes blind?

If our dog has been with us in the same house for years, it is only a matter of time before he can move safely around the house. Blind dogs intensify other senses such as smell, hearing and touch, so it will be time to take full advantage of them and take some measures that help them:

  • Don’t move the furniture from his usual place. Thus the dog will not find obstacles where it does not expect them.
  • There are some harnesses that have a ring attached , this ring has the function of protecting our dog’s head and preventing it from hurting itself with the obstacles it finds in its path.
  • If it is a house with stairs, it is useful to place a carpet that indicates where they start and where they end. If you want to reinforce safety, we can place mats on the stairs to prevent falls. To teach our dog to go up and down the stairs for the first time, we can place a treat at each step to guide him and teach him the commands (such as “up”, “down”, “left” or “right” for example). As soon as you’ve mastered them, we can use them to guide you up and down the stairs.
  • We can secure all the sharp edges that we find at the height of the dog. In the market we find plastic covers , such as those used to protect small children, which can be used for this.
  • As a positive point, the situation will lead us to be ordered and do not leave any object in the way to prevent tripping or disorientation. Always leaving objects in the same place will make it easier for the dog to feel safe.
  • Food and water bowls They should always be in the same place. If we place the bowls on a mat or a plastic tablecloth, the dog can recognize that it is near the food. For especially insecure dogs, we can also design a “carpet” path so they can guide themselves to where the food bowls are.
  • If we have more than one animal at home, we can place a bell on them that will let us know that it is nearby.
  • On the first rides we can follow paths that are familiar to the dog. Also keep the leash relatively short so you can’t trip over it.
  • We must also get into the habit of talking to them and maintaining contact with caresses along the way and at home , as this makes them feel safe and accompanied.
  • When you meet other dogs It is important to tell the other owner that our dog is blind so that he pays more attention since he now lacks the ability to read the other’s body language, which can quickly lead to misunderstandings between the animals. However, contact with other dogs is also very important for blind animals.

By taking some measures and adapting to the new situation, we can surely find a good path and continue to be happy with our friend.

cama perro ortopedicaDogs, just like us, may need a specific mattress to improve their rest. Much more so if it is about older dogs with pain, mobility problems or that have just come out of a surgical operation . For these cases, orthopedic mattresses for dogs can be a great ally.

What are orthopedic mattresses?:

Orthopedic mattresses for dogs distribute the dog’s weight evenly and adapt to the shape of the animal’s body while lying down. Its function is to avoid pressure points in order to optimize the dog’s rest and joint performance.

Orthopedic mattresses made with memory foam allow the bed to adapt perfectly to the dog’s body, simulating its shape thanks to the memory effect, and then return to its initial state when the dog decides to control the perimeter.

In addition, some mattresses incorporate a waterproof cover, for urinary incontinence or excessive drooling, and with anti-bacterial treatments that increase hygiene and prevent unpleasant odours.

These mattresses are recommended for dogs with osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or bursitis and if they fulfill their purpose, they will minimize the difficulty and pain when getting up.

colchón perrosCharacteristics of a visco-elastic mattress:

-Eliminates pressure points by distributing the dog’s weight correctly and evenly, thanks to the special design of the undulating visco-elastic surface.

-Reduces the formation of hygromas and bursitis.

-Improves the rest of dogs with osteoarthritis or joint problems thanks to the adaptability of the material to the shape of the body.

How do I know what mattress size is right for my dog?

There are dogs that like to sleep making the conch shell, others stretched out and some characters even on their backs. If we know the tastes of ours, it will help to decide the size. In any case, the ideal is to look for a mattress with a comfortable size for the dog, which allows it to stretch and accommodate itself in such a way that its limbs are not outside the mattress.

For this, it is recommended to take the measurement of the dog from the nose to the end of the tail and add approximately 20 cm.

Where is the best place to put the mattress?

Choose a quiet, warm and comfortable place in the house. You can notice where the dog spends most of the time to place it there. Remember to allow her to sniff it out first so she can become familiar with her new nest.

Find a place where the mattress is embedded, that is, it cannot be moved from its site. In older dogs it is possible that when they want to raise their limbs, they inadvertently push the mattress and it moves, making going to bed somewhat frustrating. See if the mattress includes an anti-slip system. This detail could be of great help.

Orthopedic mattresses improve the dog’s quality of life , especially if he has joint pain. After using it for a few days you will notice positive results in your behavior, including an improved mood.


ansiedad perro

After several months of quarantine at home, the return to the offices is restarted and with it comes the separation of our animals. This can lead to Separation anxiety in dogs . For this reason, it is useful to observe them the first days of the new routine, and follow some recommendations so that the dog feels calmer and copes better with anxiety.

Symptoms of anxiety in dogs due to separation:

Some of the behaviors that dogs with anxiety symptoms usually show are:

-Break objects.

-Stay close to their owners and follow them wherever they go.

-Urinate or defecate in places you don’t touch.

-More barking than usual.

-Stop eating.

-Panting above usual.

-Try to escape when they are alone.

Recommendations to improve dog anxiety:


Making a personalized music playlist can help your dog improve anxiety as well as block out fear-provoking noises.

Many dogs have been shown to prefer classical music and harp music. This can serve as a natural sedative:

  • Lisa Spector piano music
  • Harp music by Christina Tourin

Adequate space:

Having an entertaining environment with some ventilation will help the dog to better manage anxiety.


Colchón Ortopédico  Having a bed or mattress can be helpful in teaching your dog to make an association with a moment of rest. A daily routine can be established where the dog learns to lie down on his mat after each exercise session, to take a nap or play with his own toys and then give him a treat.

To optimize rest and improve joint performance, you can also use thermal beds .

Gift when leaving:

So that the dog can associate the act of leaving as something positive, it may be interesting to reinforce the exit with a reward.

masaje calmanteMassages:

Anxiety often causes tension in the muscles, so massage can help relieve tension. You can keep one hand on the dog and with the other massage starting at the neck and work your way down in long strokes. You can also use heat massagers that, in addition to being relaxing, have a beneficial system on the vascular system. Or consult with rehabilitation centers.


At the beginning of a change it is advisable to follow a predictable routine so that the dog can begin to sense when he can expect attention and when not. Scheduling a time to be with him and another to rest can give great results.


Exercising with the dog is always recommended, as it will help him to be calmer and strengthen his muscles to prevent possible pathologies.

Natural calming supplements:

In the first days of a big change, natural painkillers can help the dog alleviate the level of anxiety. You can consult your veterinarian to find out which supplements are the most appropriate.

What not to do:

If the dog has been anxious during your departure, and this has led to the house being destroyed or dirty, anything he does can increase the anxiety, making things worse for future outings. Therefore, both punishment and excited greetings should be avoided. At home, it’s best not to pay attention to the dog until it calms down (about 10-15 minutes). The dog should soon learn that the faster he settles, the sooner he will get your attention.




Spring ends, and with the arrival of summer temperatures rise. At many points we will exceed 35 degrees maximum before we know it.

Like humans, dogs also suffer from the effects of rising temperatures . Therefore, special care must be taken with them. The dog in summer requires special attention.

These simply consist of relieving it so that the heat makes the least possible dent in it. It will suffice to follow a few guidelines to achieve this, and that the animal is as comfortable as possible despite the heat.

The dog in summer: more hydration

The main care that the dog must have in summer is related to hydration. It is essential that you always have water nearby so that you can drink as much as you want, because you will need to drink more than in winter. Water is the best element so that you can keep your body temperature constant , and do not raise your temperature. You have to try, yes, that it is not too hot, so it should be removed from the sun. And change it from time to time.

In case you are with the dog outside the house, they should always carry water with them in summer . There are not always places that provide water for dogs, and if they do not hydrate frequently, they can have a hard time. Do not forget a suitable container so that the animal can drink comfortably.

The heat can also lead the dog to jump headfirst into swimming pools , run to bathe in the sea or go into the river to cool off . Other than getting wet and “showering” everything around you when you shake off, there are no major precautions to take in this regard. Of course, watch where you swim, just in case you don’t make foot and get tired, because you could sink. In that case it will be time to rescue him.

dog hair in summer

When temperatures rise, it is common to see dogs whose hair has been cut to keep them cooler on the streets. But this cannot be done with all breeds , so it is best to check with your vet before doing so. For example, it is advisable to do it in the case of small dogs with long hair.

But if the dog is larger and has hard hair, it should not be cut , as it can be detrimental to its health. The hair is responsible, among other things, for protecting your skin, and its absence can cause damage. What is advisable is to take care that it is well dewormed to avoid additional discomfort to that of the heat.

To alleviate the heat, you can use a water spray , which will be poured on your hair. And if there is a fan, he can be allowed to stand nearby so that the air can soothe him. Of course, in the case of air conditioning, care must be taken that it is not placed right where the air jet hits it. Just like humans, dogs can catch colds, and the draft of refrigerated air can make them cold. If it’s really hot, a cooling vest, like this one, can help.

As for their diet, it should not be changed. And the walks must be carried out , as far as possible, in the hours of the day when it is less hot . It is best to walk early in the morning and in the late afternoon.

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, and they are probably right. Therefore, when looking for a companion, we should not look at the appearance but at the emotions, which go inside. Today we want to tell you some reasons why to adopt a disabled dog. Unfortunately, they are often forgotten in kennels and shelters.

What it means to adopt a disabled dog

Every pet needs some care. Animal welfarenot only implies having a living space and food available, but should also include walks appropriate to the dog’s breed, as well as affection and play.

Adopting a disabled dog is, it must be said, a great responsibility. In addition to the same basic needs of any dog, it will have other specific needs. And also, some of them, such as the rides, will have certain particularities.

adopt a disabled dog

However, that said, adopting a disabled dog is a decision that, provided we have the time and financial resources, can be very rewarding. Precisely because of their limitations, this type of animal tends to be more grateful and more affectionate than those in good health.

We tend to think that animals are not intelligent, but the opposite is true. They have the capacity to perceive love and affection, and they are also aware of when they can be a burden. If you want to make a gesture of solidarity and adopt a disabled dog, here are some reasons that will help you reaffirm your decision. And if you’ve never thought about it, maybe it’s an opportunity.

Reasons to adopt a disabled dog

There are many reasons to adopt a disabled dog. Here are some of them.

They have the right to a dignified life

Nobody likes to complicate things, but it is true that among humans we have a greater tolerance. However, dogs, or animals in general, have no one to speak for them, so they tend to be the forgotten ones in society.

By adopting a disabled dog, we are giving him an opportunity he probably would not have had in his life. Many of them, if they reach the kennel, are quickly euthanized. When they reside in shelters, although they are cared for, they may not have all their needs met, as resources are scarce in these centers. Having one of these dogs at home will make both the adopter and the animal feel good.

They will love us very much

One of the reasons why we have pets is precisely this, to feel accompanied. That’s why adopting a disabled dog is a good idea. They will know everything you do for them and will give you all the love they have inside.

There are many products to help us

Nowadays, we can find in the market many products designed to improve the life of these animals. For example, harnesses have differentdesigns adapted to mobility problems, disability or paralysis. Thanks to them, walking or moving around will be much easier. It is even possible to find wheelchairs for dogs.

Adopting a disabled dog is both a challenge and a responsibility. But if you are able to accept them, do not hesitate. They, more than anyone else, will thank you.

Until not so long ago, finding a dog with one or more legs missing, either completely or partially, was not very common. When a doghad an accident or suffereda disease that resulted in the amputation of a leg, it was customary to put it down. There was not much information on the subject, nor many options for dogs suffering from this problem.

But fortunately for animals, this is no longer the case. Advances in both surgery and care for dogs that have suffered the loss of a leg mean that they are able to cope and fend for themselves. To the point of living a practically normal life. Of course, with some special care and attention.

Care of a dog that has had a leg amputation

Caring for a dog with a recently amputated leg

If the dog has recently lost a leg, it will require certaincare until it physically recovers. Unlike humans, who require several months to recover physically after an amputation, a dog recovers from this type of operation quite quickly. Indeed, in two or three days, a dog can be quite recoveredfrom the operation. And he will have regainedhis mobility, almost completely, in two to three weeks.

You may need a little help at first to get up, relieve yourself, or eat, for example. Especially if the amputation is of the foreleg. In these cases, the animal will recover somewhat more slowly than if the amputation is of the rear. This is because dogs carry more weight on their front legs than on their hind legs.

What we will have to worry about is the wound healing and its cures. It is important to make sure that the wound does not become infected and that it heals well. Generally, the veterinarian will be in charge of a careful follow-up of the wound, although it is also advisable to monitor it at home and report any anomaly to the veterinarian. If there is no problem, the staples that are usually used to close this type of wound will be removed in about 15 days.

On an emotional level, recovery will be another matter. An amputation can be somewhat complicated for a dog, so he may be sad or listless for a few days. It’s perfectly normal, but it won’t last long. Dogs, when they get used to their new situation, have no trauma. They can be perfectly happy even if they have three legs.

Precautions for dogs with amputated legs

As mentioned above, a dog with a missing leg will be able to recover in a short time. And live a practically normal life. For them it will be no problem to run or jump with only three legs. It seems amazing, but that’s how it is. However, there are some precautions to be taken with the health of this type of dog. Especially in terms of muscles and bones.

Dogs that have had a leg amputated will, thereafter,redistribute the weight of the body and remaining limbs differently. From one that, although comfortable for you, is not your natural one. Therefore, it is advisable to watch your bones and, above all, your spine, to avoid wear and tear. Periodic check-ups sincethe amputation will have to pay special attention to your muscles and bones to avoid problems.

Ortocanis editorial team.

The concept of animal welfare is usually related only to animals intended for human consumption. However, any living being has the right to have a dignified life in which its needs are respected. We tell you the keys to the welfare of a pet dog.

What we call the welfare of a dog

The welfare of a dog or any animal refers, as its name indicates, to a situation in which it can live well. That is, that it resembles what is natural according to its species and its needs. Having an animal under our care is a responsibilitythat includes different aspects, and that does not only refer to providing food.

As is the case with humans, and as we have said on other occasions, our needs include relationships with other members of our species, affection and health care.

Therefore, we want to emphasize the care that is needed for the welfare of a dog. It must be taken into account that the purpose of these is not only the happiness of the animal, but also theprevention of diseases.

Keys to a dog's well-being

Animal welfare care

Quality food

Feeding is the most basic aspect of a dog’s well-being. However, it must be of high quality. In order to enjoy good health and avoid the development of diseases, as some of them are directly related to nutrition, the animal must ingest all the necessary nutrients.

When the diet is not varied or there are deficiencies, problems appear which, if not treated correctly, can lead to serious pathologies. To avoid this, the feed must be of high quality, as many are based on animal by-products and may not include the necessary vitamins and minerals. In addition, water should always be available in abundance.

On the other hand, it is important to know which foods are harmful to your health. Not everything we humans ingest is tolerated by them. So in order to maintain a dog’s well-being, we must consult if something is suitable before giving it to him.

Time to play

Even though our friend is no longer a puppy, he also needs to play and engage in regular physical activity for proper emotional health. While people may spend days at home of their own free will, a dog’s well-being necessarily involves daily walks.

In addition, depending on its breed, it may have greater needs. Thus, while some may be satisfied with a simple walk, others need to run and/or walk longer distances to avoid anxiety and stay fit. Regarding toys, we must verify that they are not toxic. Playing with animals develops bonding, which is very important for their happiness.

Medical care

Animals have a higher resistance to disease than humans. We must know how to identify pain in dogs, as well as strange behaviors that can warn us that something is wrong. The welfare of a dog requires medical assistance whenever something happens to him. Even if some lesions seem unimportant to us, we must go to the veterinarian to treat them.

The welfare of a dog is a right that we cannot deny him. If we love and care about our friend, we must be sure to follow these guidelines. The higher the quality of life we provide, the fewer or less serious problems we will encounter.

If we plan to purchase a harness to help our friend with mobility when walking, we should know that there are various models. Not all are intended for the same purpose. Therefore, depending on what your problem or your specific need is, we will choose one or the other. Here we explain how to choose a harness without making mistakes.

The advantages of using a harness

We have already talked about the therapeutic properties of a harness for dogs. And it is that thanks to its structure, it achieves that when holding the animal we relieve the weight that it carries on its legs. Also, for those cases where there are hip problems, it also helps improve alignment.

As with people, animals also need a recovery process. It is not only important to know how to provide physical support, but also emotional support. By choosing a harness for dogs, we are offering them the help they need to regain their health and vital energy.

For this reason, and for you to choose the right one, we want to explain the differences that exist when choosing a harness for dogs. However, if you have doubts, you can always contact us and we will help you find the one that best suits the animal’s problem.

Choosing a dog harness

As a general rule, the purpose of these is to improve mobility and offer help when getting up, walking or climbing stairs. All of them activities of some difficulty when there is an injury. We can choose a harness among those detailed below.

Harness for hind legs compatible

We can choose a harness of this type if we want to help walking and getting up. It is especially suitable when there are neurological problems, spinal problems and lameness or weakness in the hind legs. Also in cases of osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia. It is also possible to combine it with an integral wheelchair.

We must use it only when walking or moving the dog. It can be annoying if we leave it on for a long time. It is very easy to use since the legs are inserted and it is held on the hip.

Web Master Harness

If our friend has suffered a previous limb amputation or shows weakness in them, we can choose a harness like this one. Unlike other models, this one has a built-in strap under the back. In this way, it will not slide forward in the area of the amputated limb. It also allows us to comfortably lift the animal to overcome obstacles.

If we want to leave it on for a long period, there will be no problem choosing a harness like this. It is made from fabrics that prevent chafing and allow ventilation.

full harness

If our dog is elderly or suffers from osteoarthritis, we can choose an integral harness. They offer support in the front and back, which helps to balance the weight well. In addition, it allows them to maintain control of the body in different situations. Not only is it a perfect complement to help the animal recover, but it also prevents injuries to owners when carrying them.

Although there are other variants, these are the three main types of harnesses that we can find. Choosing a suitable harness is essential to help the dog regain mobility or to provide support. You can check here what we have available and contact us for more information.