Harnesses for handicapped dogs


Here you will find different types of harnesses for dogs with mobility problems, paralyzed or with a disability. They are designed to support the hind, forelimbs, or both. There are also belly band-type models with stiffeners to avoid creating a pressure point on the abdomen.

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Dog Support Harness
Harness for carrying a dog with mobility problems
Web Master Harness canine Ruffwear
€51.41  €64.46 -€13.05
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Dog Lift harness
JULIUS rehab harness (hip)
€38.79  €43.79 -€5.00
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Assisted harness support
Julius K9 dog harness
 Support Sling for Dogs
Double Back Harness. Dog harness for disabled
€140.41  €150.41 -€10.00
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Lifting harness Dogaids
Dog Harness
Sock Dog
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