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Thermoplastic dressing

Moreover, its material is biodegradable and is not toxic. The dressing can be placed without using gloves since its material does not stick to the fingers.

Vet-Lite thermoplastic material can be heated more than once and maintains all its properties. It can be easily mould when heated with an air gun or put under water at 70 ºC. 

The material is transparent to X-rays.

Vet-Lite has a better weight/resistance relation than plasters, and it offers better mobility and comfort. 

The pack includes two rolls with the following sizes:

  • 5 x 160 cm
  • 7.5 x 160 cm
  • 10 x 160 cm
  • 15 x 160 cm


Thermoplastic dressing with ventilation


Dressing made of plastic strips thermodeformable at 70 ºC that become stiff when getting dry. The main advantages of Vet-Lite are its exclusive stiffness, its light weight and its great capacity of ventilation enabled by its orifices.


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