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perro en el coche

To travel with animals, the fundamental thing is to plan everything in advance. For international trips outside the European Union, find out at your veterinary clinic at least 3 months before.

What do I need to know to travel with my dog or cat. Here’s a quick guide to the most common requirements depending on the destination:

Domestic travel (Spain): to travel in Spain the rabies vaccine is required (except in Catalonia, Galicia and Euskadi). In addition, if the trip is by plane, we must attend to the specifications that each airline wants to put (always check it before).

Pasaporte pequeñoTravel within the European Union: a European passport is required that you can get at your veterinary center for about € 55, Rabies vaccine and internal and external deworming. Likewise, the veterinarian must indicate in the passport that the animal is in good health at the time of the examination.

International travel outside the European Union: IMPORTANT always inform yourself before at the consulate of the country of destination, since outside the EU each country has its own legislation in this regard that, in addition, can change without prior notice to the Spanish authorities. Always inform yourself well in advance, as depending on the requirements that establishes the country of destination, we will have some deadlines that we must respect.certificado oficial veterinario borde

Always check if the country of destination has its own entry forms and if it requires rabies serology (blood test that certifies that the animal has responded appropriately to the vaccine). As a general rule, rabies vaccine, internal and external deworming and Official Veterinary Certificate (issued by your veterinarian) validated two days before at the departure airport are required.

For detailed information on each country, you can consult the page of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment:
Export of pets


The dog on the plane:

Whenever possible, we should travel with the dog in the cabin. Airlines usually allow it up to a maximum of 6-8 Kg (carrier included). In addition ask the company what the maximum measurements of the carrier are.

transportín avión sn

If you must travel in the hold, you must purchase an approved carrier. This should be high enough so that the animal can sit without problems. It is advisable to maintain about 6 hours of fasting before boarding, thus minimizing the risk of vomiting.

Make sure that the animal does not suffer from any serious health problems that could be life-threatening during the journey, especially heart and respiratory problems.

It is advisable to accustom the dog or cat to the carrier for a few weeks before. You can place the tranportín at home with the door open and introduce toys and food. The animal will stop seeing it as something strange and associate it with something positive.


The dog in the car:

By car, the dog must travel in a carrier or with a seat belt. It is important to make stops every few hours to allow you to relieve yourself, drink water and cool off. Do not forget that its mechanisms to lower the temperature are less efficient than ours and could suffer heat stroke.


Before giving any medication, we must consult with our veterinarian. Some animals travel very well without medication and others simply benefit from the administration of antiemetics (drugs that inhibit vomiting). But unfortunately there are many that require reassurance: there are from natural products to powerful sedatives, through anxiolytics. Some require administration from several days before the trip, so, again, plan well in advance.

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Botas protectoras para perro

How to take the dog in the car?

Now that the holidays are approaching, it is important to remember that we cannot take our dog loose in an unauthorized vehicle. First for our own safety, and then for possible sanctions.

But what exactly does the law say?perro-rodilla-en-la-calle

Article 18.1 of Royal Decree 1428/2003, of November 21, which approves the General Circulation Regulations for the application and development of the articulated text of the Law on traffic, circulation of motor vehicles and road safety (BOE no. 306, of 12-23-03) and approved by Royal Legislative Decree 339/1990, of March 2 in its article 11.2, establish that “The driver of a vehicle is obliged to maintain his own freedom of movement, the field necessary vision and permanent attention to driving, which guarantee their own safety, that of the rest of the occupants of the vehicle and that of other road users. For these purposes, you must take special care to maintain the proper position and that the rest of the passengers maintain it, and the proper placement of the objects or animals transported so that there is no interference between the driver and any of them.

Likewise, in article 11.2 of Royal Decree 1428/2003 on collective transport of people, it says:

2. In vehicles intended for the public service of collective transport of people, passengers are prohibited from:

a) Distract the driver while the vehicle is moving.

b) Enter or exit the vehicle through places other than those designated, respectively, for these purposes.

c) Enter the vehicle when the warning that it is complete has been made.

d) Unnecessarily hinder passage in places intended for the transit of people.

e) Carry any animal with you, unless there is a place in the vehicle intended for its transport. Exceptions to this prohibition, always under their responsibility, are the blind accompanied by dogs, specially trained as guide dogs.

f) Carry dangerous materials or objects in conditions other than those established in the specific regulation on the matter.

g) Disregard the instructions given by the driver or person in charge of the vehicle regarding the service.”

It should be remembered that driving a vehicle without taking care of the proper positioning of the transported animal, so that they do not interfere with driving (adequate enclosures or independent from the one used by passengers, or systems such as the seat belt for dogs ), is sanctioned with 60 euros and does not entail the loss of points on the card.

Happy journey!

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