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the dog boots

Dog boots are a great help both to prevent injuries and to help them heal. Boots as prevention… in summer and winter Spikes : in spring and summer. They usually stick between the fingers. Once they are stuck, due to their characteristic shape, they move inwards and can travel long distances and cause serious infections. […]


Paddle Surf with dogs

Nowadays, most sea lovers have dogs and many times we do not know what to do with them during our visits to the beach. Our four-legged friends are always happy when we get home and are excited to share moments with us so why couldn’t we introduce them to paddle surfing? The mere fact of […]


Bionic animals

After finishing his studies as an orthoprosthetic technician, Martin Kaufmann began working “with humans” in different clinics in the American Midwest. But it wasn’t until his cousin’s dog suffered a stroke, and the subsequent loss of mobility of one of his paws, that he realized how limited the options were to cure an injury that […]