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We care for older, injured and disabled pets, offering new solutions for dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, herniated discs, ligament tears & more with over 180 products for your pet's health. 

  • 23,88 € 28,88 €

    This is the top selling harness for disabled dogs! It is the ideal aid for dogs with hip osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or neurological problems. It offers security, stability and support for dogs with mobility problems in both front and hind legs.  Both the dog's leash and harness can be held with the same hand.

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  • 24,75 €

    This brace for a dog's unstable or osteoarthritic carpus offers various degrees of immobilization thanks to the included iron rods. It is the ideal orthosis for dogs recovering from surgery as well as an evolved alternative to the Robert Jones bandage.  Made from high quality materials.

    24,75 €
    Available from the beginning of February
  • 189,26 € 210,29 € -10%

    This wheelchair for dogs can be fully adjusted to fit any type of dog. It is the most modern wheelchair on the market and the only one that is fully adjustable. Made of aluminum. Equipped with different carts that meet the needs of dogs with reduced mobility. Available in three colors. Free shipping. Option of repurchase.

    189,26 € 210,29 € -10%
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  • 56,94 € 61,94 €

    Rear limb injuries in dogs usually require an effective immobilization. This new splint has been moulded after a human one and is normally used in cases of leg, tarsal or paw injuries. Dog splints are useful for treating neurological problems, (to correctly position the limb) as well as in trauma problems (to provide support and immobilize). 

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  • 29,95 €

    This is the original Ortocanis knee brace that helps dogs with limping and joint pain for an improved quality of life. Useful for reducing pain in cases of osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament injury, meniscus injury, kneecap problems and tendinitis.  See the complete description and sizes below.  New model 2020!

    29,95 €
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  • 20,62 €

    The hock wrap is ideal for dogs with tarsal injuries, tarsal arthritis, ligament injuries and tendon and joint inflammations. In gray or black depending on availability.

    20,62 €
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  • 37,11 €

    The Support Sling by Ortocanis is designed to comfortably assist and lift larger dogs. It provides the balance and support necessary for your dog to lead a more active life.

    37,11 €
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  • 74,34 €

    New solution for stabilizing and protecting your dog's elbows. Unique in Europe. This brace improves mobility in dogs with elbow arthritis, reduces hygromas and provides support. Designed and tested by veterinarians.  You can order either a standard or custom made size. 

    74,34 €
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  • 74,34 €

    This support helps dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis. Stabilises and warms the hip articulation, reduces the pain and boosts the muscles activity avoiding atrophy and increasing the bond between the femur head and the acetabulum.

    74,34 €
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  • 57,77 €

    This full body system harness for dogs is the answer to an "all-in-one" support harness. Designed by canine rehabilitation experts specifically for post-op patient control and as an assistive device for older or arthritic dogs. Colour green or black based on availability.

    57,77 €
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  • 57,81 €

    The Anti knuckling sling is an assistive device for dogs with sciatic nerve insufficiency secondary to Degenerative Myelopathy, intervertebral disc disease, fibrocartilaginous embolus, spinal trauma and neoplasia, among other diagnoses.

    57,81 €
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  • 61,94 €

    New knee immobilizer for dogs. Ideal solutions for dogs with ligament rupture, patella luxation and as a support pre and post surgery. The lateral aluminium splint increase the stability and reduces the joint movements. See full description and sizes below.

    61,94 €
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