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Dog boots are a great help both to prevent injuries and to help their healing.

Boots as prevention… in summer and winter

Herida en la pata del perroSpikes: in spring and summer. They are usually stuck between the fingers. Once they are nailed, due to their characteristic shape, they advance inland and can travel great distances and cause serious infections. In addition, stones, twigs, crystals,… all of this can injure your dog’s paws in the field.


Snow: Snow can lead to dermatitis and cracks in the pads. In dogs of small size even freezing of the final part of the paws). On sunny days, we should protect our dog’s pads as artificial pavements can be at very high temperatures.

Sport: intense exercise, especially on uneven terrain can wear down the pads of dogs, so it is recommended to protect them by using boots.


Boots as an aid in the treatment of wounds

Boots are a very good alternative to some bandages for injuries to the dog’s “feet”. They allow them to go more comfortable and, most importantly: they are easy to remove and put on, so we can see the status of the injury at any time and let it “breathe” from time to time.

Perro con veterinario

Boots as an aid to dogs with reduced mobility

Boots become indispensable in dogs with movement problems, either due to hip dysplasia, a rupture of the cruciate ligament or, simply, advanced osteoarthritis. They allow dogs to have a greater grip on the ground, improve a lot when walking, and avoid injuries due to a “slip”. Especially important inside the houses, where stoneware or parquet usually slip. An alternative to conventional boots are rubber boots, which protect from aggressive surfaces allowing the dog to maintain sensitivity in the pads while improving their adhesion on sliding surfaces.

Do you want to see how dogs “manage” with rubber boots?

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