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Gustavo gato paralítico

Meet Gustavo the paralyzed cat. It is a docile, affectionate cat… and fighter. Arrived at the Protectora Scooby of Medina del Campo (Valladolid) with an alteration in the back legs that prevented him from flexing them normally, probably due to an injury to the middle part of the spine. He had been picked up by a gentleman on the street and nothing is known about his previous life or the reasons for his disability.

As you can see, Gustavo moved crawling thanks to his front legs. Although from the protector they tried to give him a life as normal as possible, his state made him fear that he would end up with skin lesions, that he would have to spend a lot of time in a cage and, most importantly, that he would never be adopted.

The girls of the protector decided to do everything possible to help him and created an event on Facebook to raise money. Thanks to his effort and the contribution of friends of the Protector, Gustavo has his wheelchair totally tailored to Ortocanis.

Gustavo adapted in just a few days. At first, seeing himself able to move around himself, he wanted to go a little fast and had some scares… but now, this is Gustavo with his chair 🙂

Gustavo’s first day with his chair:

In addition to being able to move, the chair also allowed him to try to exercise his back legs. Thus, a “self-rehabilitation” was done… and this is the magnificent result: as you can see Gustavo begins to walk by himself.

Gustavo continues to rehabilitate himself and plans to travel to Madrid, where the Bichosraros association has offered to take care of his physiotherapy. Now you only need a shelter in the area Anyone cheer up?

Wheelchairs can be a solution for paralyzed animals, but also a great help for rehabilitation.

Orthocanis Team

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