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jumbo-perro ciego

Jumbo and his brother are two dogs that have not had it easy from the beginning. Both were born blind and abandoned. They were initially welcomed by a couple, both of them, but once the couple separated the boy stayed with the dogs and soon they were back on the street.

Perro ciego con carpos rotos

Being blind they knew that if they stayed together they had a better chance of surviving. But one night crossing a little-traveled road, they were both run over. There were several injuries suffered and the Jumbo carps never came to be welded but given the seriousness of the run over and the state in which they were found they were lucky to remain alive.

Jumbo-con-soportes de carpo

After a while the girl (ex-partner) learned that they had been abandoned and after months of searching she found them in a shelter. It took them in again and gives them the care they need.

The recent chest scar is from an operation to remove a hook he ingested on the beach while trying to feed. Now he is much better and they have put some carpal supports with which he can correct the position of these, relieve discomfort and avoid future injuries.


“Despite being totally blind, they do not usually run into obstacles,” says their caregiver María Teresa R.. It’s amazing how well they’ve adapted and how they recognize the terrain before moving forward thanks to their tremendous sense of smell and fine-tuned ears. We were also moved to see the passion they show for their caregivers and the affection with which Jumbo conveys its gratitude.


Jumbo y Pati con cuidadores

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Video of Jumbo when he starts walking with the carpal supports:

Soporte para carpo