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Some pathologies in dogs are due to birth defects or problems associated with a particular breed. However, with others we can reduce the chances of them appearing if we take care of the animal’s diet. With these nutritional tips it is possible to improve the general health of dogs.

diseases in dogs

Just as it happens to us humans, dogs or any other animal are susceptible to getting sick. Bad habits, such as lack of exercise, or an incomplete or inadequate diet, can accelerate or promote the appearance of certain pathologies .

Therefore, it is convenient to pay attention to these nutritional tips. Since the needs of dogs differ from those of humans. Thus, we will avoid giving them substances that may be toxic to them, and at the same time we will ensure that they obtain all the nutrients for their correct development.

Consejos nutricionales para prevenir enfermedades en los perros

Nutritional advice to reduce diseases

Offering our friend the contributions he needs through food is a way to lengthen his life. These simple nutritional tips will be of great help if you want to maintain or improve your health.

Vitamins and minerals

The amounts of vitamins and minerals that dogs need is already included in the specific foods for them. However, we must know how to choose those that are suitable. Some low quality or private label feeds contain mainly animal by-products. Therefore, the nutritional contribution will not be the same as if we choose foods from the best range.

These nutritional tips related to vitamins are also similar to those recommended for humans. A diet based on fast or precooked food will lack the vitamins and minerals that fresh vegetables or fish would have. If necessary, there are also vitamin complexes for dogs. Vitamins A, C, D3 and E are especially important for them.

healthy fatty acids

The second of the nutritional tips refers to healthy fatty acids. Although fats are related to obesity problems and the appearance of diseases, some types are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Foods rich in Omega 3, such as sardines, tuna, salmon or spinach are rich in it and help us prevent diseases such as tumors. We can choose feed containing these foods or supply them directly.


Bioflavonoids are a type of antioxidant of plant origin, and therefore found in fruits and vegetables. Thanks to its properties, they prevent premature aging and reduce the development of cancer cells. Grape seed extract, green tea extract, and quercetin are examples.

Amino acids

The following nutritional advice refers to amino acids such as melatonin or arginine. It is also about antioxidants that prevent the appearance of tumors. We find them in meat, fish, eggs and cereals. It is worth mentioning again the importance of the quality of the feed we choose. If we want them to contain these contributions, they must be of good quality.

Following these nutritional tips is very simple. It is enough to choose quality foods and offer a rich and varied diet, as well as free of those substances that may be toxic to them. If we want to avoid or delay the onset of diseases, we must take care of our diet.