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The Four Main Types of Hernia in Dogs

Although it may not seem like it, dogs suffer from many of the ailments that humans experience. From a simple cold to osteoarthritis, through hernias. As in humans, those suffered by dogs can have varying severity. In addition, hernias in dogs can be of four types: inguinal, diaphragm, umbilical and disc. In any of the […]

The main care that the dog should have in summer

Spring ends, and with the arrival of summer temperatures rise. At many points we will exceed 35 degrees maximum before we know it. Like humans, dogs also suffer from the effects of rising temperatures . Therefore, special care must be taken with them. The dog in summer requires special attention. These simply consist of relieving […]

Why adopt a disabled dog

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, and they are probably right. Therefore, when looking for a companion, we should not look at the appearance but at the emotions, which go inside. Today we want to tell you some reasons why to adopt a disabled dog. Unfortunately, they are often forgotten in kennels and […]

Keys to a dog’s well-being

The concept of animal welfare is usually related only to animals intended for human consumption. However, any living being has the right to have a dignified life in which its needs are respected. We tell you the keys to the welfare of a pet dog. What we call the welfare of a dog The welfare […]


How to choose a dog harness

If we plan to purchase a harness to help our friend with mobility when walking, we should know that there are various models. Not all are intended for the same purpose. Therefore, depending on what your problem or your specific need is, we will choose one or the other. Here we explain how to […]