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How to act in the face of a dog fracture

A hit or fall are the main causes of broken bones in dogs. Also the age or physical condition of the dog will affect to a greater or lesser extent the severity of the situation. Since one day we could see ourselves in this situation, we will know how we should act before a fracture […]

How to care for a disabled dog

Due to the great veterinary advances, today we can find various solutions for the mobility problems of animals. Whether our friend has suffered from an illness or if we consider adopting, it is possible to take care of a disabled dog so that he enjoys a happy life. What are the causes of loss of […]

How to strengthen a dog’s joints

Our friend’s health care doesn’t start when he starts to deteriorate. Throughout his life we must take measures so that in his last stage he can enjoy good health. To do this, we leave you some tips to strengthen the joints of a dog. What are the joints of a dog Joints are a structure […]

Top Tips for Senior Dog Care

When a dog gets older, its needs change. Also the care that we must give them so that their life remains full and of quality when they become senior dogs. Therefore, from a certain age, ailments can begin. And sooner than you think. Usually, each year of a dog’s life is equivalent to seven of […]