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How to strengthen a dog’s joints

Our friend’s health care doesn’t start when he starts to deteriorate. Throughout his life we must take measures so that in his last stage he can enjoy good health. To do this, we leave you some tips to strengthen the joints of a dog. What are the joints of a dog Joints are a structure […]

Top Tips for Senior Dog Care

When a dog gets older, its needs change. Also the care that we must give them so that their life remains full and of quality when they become senior dogs. Therefore, from a certain age, ailments can begin. And sooner than you think. Usually, each year of a dog’s life is equivalent to seven of […]


Most common knee problems

Although they are much less visible than ours, dogs also have knees. And like us, they also experience pain and suffer injuries to them frequently. In case you’re not familiar, let’s talk about the most common knee problems. The most common knee problems The causes for knee problems can be several. For example, an injury […]


How to detect osteoarthritis in dogs

Animals function similarly to people. They suffer from diseases like us, their joints degenerate over the years and their mobility is reduced while experiencing pain. Today we are going to know how to detect osteoarthritis in dogs. What is osteoarthritis and when it appears A joint is the union that exists between the bones and […]


How to identify pain in dogs

De igual modo que les sucede a los humanos, los perros también pueden experimentar dolor y malestar por múltiples motivos. Puesto que ellos no suelen quejarse, debemos saber cómo identificar el dolor para poder llevarles al veterinario. Cómo podemos identificar el dolor Muchos perros no exteriorizan su malestar. Por tanto, hay que prestar atención a […]


How to Treat Bone Fractures in Dogs

Cuando hablamos de fracturas sabemos que hacen referencia a un hueso roto. Sin embargo, no todas las fracturas de hueso en los perros son iguales ni resultan tan evidentes como pensamos. Aprende a detectarlas y a darles el tratamiento adecuado para acelerar la recuperación. Cuáles son los tipos de fracturas de hueso en los perros […]

Main symptoms of herniated disc in dogs

Dogs can suffer, in many cases, from bone and joint diseases that humans also suffer. For example, herniated disc . This ailment, which is degenerative, is characterized by the exit of the intervertebral discs of the spine from its place. Also because of its bulge. The exit of the discs from its canal, which also […]