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Winter care for dogs

During the cold seasons, we must take extra precautions and take extreme care of our furry friends. Especially with those dogs that suffer from certain pathologies or that are in a vulnerable state. We leave you the winter care for dogs that you cannot skip. How does the cold affect dogs? Although dogs usually have […]

Nutritional advice to prevent diseases in dogs

Some pathologies in dogs are due to birth defects or problems associated with a particular breed. However, with others we can reduce the chances of them appearing if we take care of the animal’s diet. With these nutritional tips it is possible to improve the general health of dogs. diseases in dogs Just as it […]


Sphincter problems in dogs with paralysis

Motor disability in dogs usually leads to other pathologies. Above all, if the problems are in the hind legs, which causes serious mobility difficulties . This causes more problems for them. Among them are ulcers due to lack of movement and bone problems due to forced postures and displacements. Both problems are visible to the […]

How to take care of the skin of a disabled dog

The skin serves as protection against external aggressions, both to humans and to other animals. When it comes to a dog whose mobility is reduced, it tends to suffer more due to continuous rubbing in certain areas of its body. To prevent it from being damaged, we are going to learn how we can take […]


Why is my dog limping?

It is quite common to see a dog limp . Like humans, a bad step or a blow can lead them to suffer pain. And as a consequence to limp for a few minutes. But when time passes and they don’t stop doing it, or when they start to limp on one leg for no […]