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Troops of the Seprona Patrol of the Civil Guard have arrested two brothers of 23 and 29 years old, both with address in the municipality of Palacios del Sil (León), accused of the hanging of several dogs.


The investigations began when the Civil Guard became aware of the disappearance of eight hunting dogs of different breeds, of which the Seprona Patrol already has located in several places located between the towns of Palacios del Sil and Matalavilla the bodies of four of them, sources from the Government Subdelegation have reported.

After carrying out a first visual inspection, it has been determined that the dogs died of asphyxiation by hanging, also being in the vicinity various material for the commission of these criminal acts such as ropes or bags.

The discovery of these animals has been difficult since the detainees had thrown them in different areas, usually abrupt and far from each other, in order to make it difficult to locate them.

The Civil Guard continues the efforts to locate the four remaining dogs that have not yet been found. In addition, the final results of the necropsy are currently awaiting to know the exact cause of death of the animals.

One of the detainees and owner of the dogs had already been investigated by the Seprona of the Civil Guard for the commission of similar acts. The investigation is still open and the indictment of more people and the discovery of more animal carcasses is not ruled out.

The proceedings and the detainees have been placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction of Villablino (León).

Source: Herando.es

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Policía holandesa especializada para actuar ante casos de maltrato animal.

Dutch police specialized to act in cases of animal abuse.

The Netherlands is a country very aware of animal abuse. They have specialized police to prevent mistreatment and neglect against them. In addition, they have recently opened a dedicated hotline.

This special police group specifically fights against the following crimes:

  • Animal cruelty
  • Negligence
  • Animal pornography
  • Poaching
  • Incitement to animal aggression towards other animals or people.

Dial 144

All types of animal cruelty can be reported by calling 144. It is also available for cases where an animal is in an emergency situation. Depending on the nature of the call, the services of animal police, animal protection officers or food safety authorities may be required.









Judges may impose fines or jail sentences on those who commit cruelty or neglect against animals.

These specialized police officers receive the same basic training as the common Dutch police officers. From there they receive specific training, which covers:

  • Legislation on animal cruelty
  • Recognition of suffering in animals
  • Procedures in confiscation of animals
  • Procedures for reporting a case of animal cruelty.

In all cases, these police officers are selected internally from among the entire police force.

In our country we have the SEPRONA (Nature Protection Service), a group of the Civil Guard specialized in safeguarding our natural environment and, although they often do wonderful tasks in animal welfare issues, there is no police as well planned and specialized as in Holland, for now.

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Policia noruega2

Norway once again gives us a lesson in progress and civility. This small country with only about 5 million inhabitants and a capita income of € 73,400 (2014) proves to be one of the most advanced societies on the planet. Also with regard to respect for animals.

In Norway animal abuse is punishable by up to 3 years in prison and has just formed a special unit against animal abuse that will consist of 3 agents: a legal expert, a coordinator and an investigator. It is also interesting to know that different studies have shown that those who are able to mistreat an animal also have a tendency to mistreat people. Under this argument, the Norwegian police in defense of animal rights are also protecting the same citizens.

policia noruegaThe police unit will be tested for 3 years to see how it works. In 2014, 38 cases of animal abuse were reported to the Norwegian police. Having a unit dedicated to investigating and monitoring animal cruelty may help promote reporting and reduce abuse.

“First of all, it is important to take care of our animals, as they enjoy rights we must follow up to protect them,” says Agriculture Minister Sylvi Lsthaug.

El-60-de-la-policia-noruega-pr_54236541719_53389389549_600_396Police units have already been formed in the Netherlands and Sweden for the same purpose as the Norwegian one. In addition, animal rights organizations continue to try to spread this good practice in many other states. Let us hope that more countries will take this initiative, which we think is more than right.


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Pepa is a one-year-old kitten weighing 2 kilos. It was a baby that some neighbors were going to sacrifice and Carlos, its caretaker, found out and decided to take care of it.

Pepa, la gata paralítica

Pepa grew up surrounded by other animals and always answered Carlos’ call. One day he didn’t come and went out to look for her. He found her lying on the street bleeding. She thought a dog would have attacked her but the next day she took her to the vet, they did an X-ray and saw that she had a lead pellet right in her spine. He had been shot.

Radiografia bala en gata

Pepa sufrió un disparo balín en la columna

Carlos and Pepa live together with another cat and 3 dogs in the mountains, in the province of Barcelona, and used to walk together. A few weeks earlier a neighbor hunter had threatened the animals for having invaded a few seconds an area of the forest without fencing of which he claimed to be the owner. The same neighbor who days before witnesses had heard beating his own dog before it disappeared.

Carlos did not hesitate to denounce the alleged aggressor to the Mossos d’Escuadra and look for some solution for Pepa, who in addition to rehabilitation will have a wheelchair that will help him move.

Thank you Carlos for helping. Thank you for reporting. It is the responsibility of all of us to make this world a place where life is respected.

Carlos-y-PepaGata Pepa

We hope to see you run very soon Pepa.

Photography and text: Toni Fernández

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Unfortunately, the Internet is sometimes used to disseminate videos, images and advocacy of animal abuse. This information is known to most Internet users, but what can sometimes go unnoticed is that the fact, due to indignation, of sharing that material and making comments of rejection has very undesirable effects:

perro asustado_d

  • Contributes to its dissemination (for better and for worse)
  • It puts the author/abuser on notice, so it is likely that they will remove the content being then impossible to trace by the authorities.
  • It motivates the abuser since, by exalting the population, he obtains the stimulus he seeks.

And then… How to act?

In the event of a case of animal abuse on the network, we basically have to gather as many evidence as possible and get it to the authorities.

To gather evidence, everything works: social media profiles, images, videos, links,… All this information must reach the security forces. For this we have several ways:

  • Send a report to the National Police Corps (telematic crimes): click here to enter.
  • Send a complaint to Seprona (Civil Guard): [email protected]
  • Send the information to the Observatory of Defense and Animal Justice. They sign and manage the complaints, which allows the citizen to maintain anonymity and increases the effectiveness of the complaint, since they have lawyers to provide legal support. They themselves further investigate the case and file the complaint. You can send the information to: guardiandelared@justiciaydefensaanimal
  • Contact a protector. Some have legal services.

From Ortocanis we encourage you to denounce abuse and its apology.

persona animal banner_d


Orthocanis Team

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