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Marta Sitjà, the caregiver of a paralyzed dog named Hope, came to us in June 2013 in search of a wheelchair. We have loved to find two years later the writing that we put below. We hope it excites you as much as we do:

Ospresentamos a Hope

Meet Hope

“I live with 2 dogs, one of them is paralyzed, I adopted her 2 years ago, she is the love of my life, there is nothing in the world so beautiful, so good, so sacrificed, so fighter, so brave, as generous and with the soul as pure as my Hoppy and this is our story:
2 years ago just around this time I had in my head to adopt another dog, I am a Canine Educator and I wanted to give home to a dog that needed it a lot, I was looking for an older one, with problems or that took a long time in a kennel. Then one day looking at Facebook a small dog appeared, with a blue wheelchair that was bigger than her. and accompanying the photo a text that said something like that if most dogs are already invisible to people because this type of animals, with problems or diseases, were even more invisible …
Hope en una sesión de hidroterapia


I started crying, and I thought it wasn’t true, that it couldn’t be true, I did care…
The next day I couldn’t get it out of my head, I thought about what his life would be like, I thought if he could adapt to mine, if I would be able to offer him a good life, I started crying…
The next day I was tired of crying, I opened the Facebook and wrote a message to the contact person, I told him who I was and what my life was like… could that animal be happy with me??
They told me that on Sunday there was a fair in Calella and to go see it, without obligation, so I went to Calella, we looked at each other, I took it in my arms and I did not let go again.
They put hope on her, because if there is a being in the world with hope and desire to live, it is her.

Hope enjoying nature

They found her run over in the middle of the road, with her column broken; a damn hunter who as a child mutilated her by cutting her tail (and to know what other tortures she would do)She left when she was not even 1 year old, she crossed the road and a car took her ahead. It went to argentona’s kennel (curiously where I would do my internship as a Canine Educator some time later), but they could not take care of it and the association The Kat Club took over; I am clear that if it were not for those wonderful people my dog would be dead.
From there rolling around foster homes, you know, they have many dogs, they need a lot of care, those people are angels with huge hearts but they can’t do miracles, they do what they can…
Until the day I saw it on Facebook, I went to Calella and brought it home.
We adapt perfectly to each other, from the first day she has gone without a leash on the street, she does not separate from me and has learned in record time all the orders (come, stop, quiet, run …) and also all the tricks of the other dog, they are like 2 naughty offspring having fun around the city.300x250
Her life is worth millions, as far as I know (because I have been told so) there are already 2 dogs that were going to sacrifice and thanks to the example of Hope they are now going with their Wheelchair, and not only that, she brightens the day of everyone we come across, I see it in people’s faces, you know? they go with that rictus of bitterness and when they see Hoppy (that’s what I call her) a smile is drawn on her face. She is an activist, with her story we are making people aware of abuse and abandonment, we go to all the manis that are in Barcelona and everyone knows her.
He lives a normal life, only on the street he carries his child seat, but he runs, plays, eats, enjoys and entangles like any dog.
I have a respect for her out of series, she usually hurts her back legs because she carries them dead and she is hitting her with the stones and so on…. She NEVER complains, you never see her musty, she never stops wanting to go out, she has never had a bad gesture with anyone, no matter how much she suffers or hurts, never the slightest hint of aggressiveness; his resistance to pain is Guinness, his capacity to love infinite and his generosity to the unfortunate human being who has cut short his life is immense.

It is the best gift that life has given me (along with my other dog), people when they see us on the street usually say that Hope has been very lucky to find me, but who has been lucky is me, I feel privileged because the noblest look I know looks at me, and the most unconditional love is for me…
I am the lucky one and I do not stop thanking because she has changed my life, I no longer complain about nonsense, I see life d
In another way, there is more love in me. How to thank so many gifts??? I can only take care of her and love her and make her life wonderful, that’s what I do and that’s what she does with me.”
Written by Marta Sitjà
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