Dog Wheelchair

Wheelchairs for dogs return their mobility and independence when there are dysfunctions in the hind limbs. This not only improves their physical condition but also their attitude and health. 

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  • 189,26 € 210,29 € -10%

    This wheelchair for dogs can be fully adjusted to fit any type of dog. It is the most modern wheelchair on the market and the only one that is fully adjustable. Made of aluminum. Equipped with different carts that meet the needs of dogs with reduced mobility. Available in three colors. Free shipping. Option of repurchase.

    189,26 € 210,29 € -10%
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  • 53,64 €

    It can be totally adjusted to fit any dog perfectly well. It grows with the dog, it is easy to carry and light.   Mini size (for dogs less than 4 kg.): 49,90€/month (+150€ deposit) Small size (for dogs between 4 and 11 kg.): 64,90€/month (+200 € deposit) Large size (for dogs with more than 11 kg.): 79,90€/month (+250 € deposit ) Urgent shipment!

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  • 209,26 €

    The front wheels attach easily to the wheelchair dog.This accessory is used for dogs that show weakness in the forelimbs.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items