Ortocanis, something more than a company.

Ortocanis is not just a company. It is a passion. An illusion that promotes respect for animals.

Behind each support, each orthosis or each harness there is a whole design process that comes from the hand of engineers, orthopedists, veterinarians and experienced handlers of dogs with reduced mobility.

Since 2009 we have joined our efforts in a project that develops, disseminates and distributes the most advanced veterinary technical aids in Europe.

Every day we send our aid to the whole world, we allocate benefits to associations that care for disabled dogs and we continue to promote a booming idea in which Ortocanis has the privilege of being a pioneer.

We introduce ourselves, we are the team that strives every day and helps thousands of animals improve their quality of life

Toni Fernandez

Founder & CEO

Tessa apollonio

Media & Communications

Rachel Turon

Logistics Head

Restless, responsible and tenacious.

Father, engineer, MBA and lawyer. I insist on trying to change the world. I am always inclined to defend and protect those who need it. I am passionate about nature and surfing.

I founded Ortocanis in 2010 after deciding that I would stop working for large international companies where social responsibility is only for press conferences. I am theDirector, I manage the development and improvement of the product, our human team, the opening of new distribution channels and optimization of the website.

Persistent, feisty and empathetic.

One day they asked me: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I was eighteen, sixty-five, forty-three standing, I played field hockey, and full of pride and sincerity I answered: "Princess!"

That's me: an eternal optimist. I love animals, playing the piano and I love organizing trips to the north of Spain dreaming of catching a wave one day with my Surfboard.

In Ortocanis inI hope that the team achieves its objectives, I give yessupport to managementand
to accounting.

Responsible, Affable and loyal.

About me, to say that I am a solar and positive person and I like to transmit that energy to my colleagues and friends. As hyperactive as I am, I need to practice paddle surfing, hiking or four-wheeling on my super skates almost daily.

At Ortocanis I take care of everything related toLogistics, I manage the orders so that they can leave as soon as possible, I inform the clients, I control the stock and I manage the customized products with the workshop.

Erica Rodriguez

Customer Service

Friendly, enthusiastic, and positive.

I like to spend free time with my big family (relatives and friends) and go out to the mountains and disconnect from time to time from urban life. I like the beauty-fashion world, I am fond of creative cooking and pastries and I love organizing events and theme parties. Those who know me say that I always go in search of my luck.

At Ortocanis I manage the constantly improving customer service to offer our best service and I give support to the rest of the departments.

Mireia Vila

Marketing & Administration

Laughing, versatile and energetic.

When I'm not working, I'm a professional basketball player, and an escape room geek.
Also, all activities that are outdoors and with friends or family make me happy!

At Ortocanis I deal with issues related to distributors and social media, and like the rest of the team, I also support other areas of work.


Gerard Gonzalez


Cheerful, joker and funny.

I like sports, I practice mountaineering and I am a soccer player in the territorial sphere. In my spare time I like to listen to music and walk with my dogsJunior and Biggy.

At Ortocanis I manage issues related to returns, logistics and warehouse support.

I also handle products from the workshop to check the quality and compliance with our standards.


Friendly, hairy and helpful.

I am here to welcome visitors (dogs and non-dogs) to our offices. I participate in conferences where things are tested on me and I serve as an example given my magnificent anatomy. I keep my composure passwhatever happens. I have nerves of steel. Some dogs resent my indifference and call me haughty, distrustful and bark at me. But not even that makes me stop doing my job normally. I am aware that despite my limitations I have many advantages and I am here to enforce them.

Cristina del Pozo

Product Design & Development

Close, happy and passionate.

In my free time I surround myself with nature and animals, the more the merrier. I like doing sports, traveling and enjoying the little things of the day to day. I fall in love with the winter sun and the cold in summer and go a bit against the tide. I enjoy assembling and disassembling, building, creating and discovering new things. If something breaks, I find a way to fix it.

At Ortocanis I take care of product design and development, I study possible improvements to our aids and I collaborate with positioning and branding.

Ortocanis Bot

Online customer service

Automatic, reserved and hard-working

When otherss enjoy their free time, I try to solve your doubts and queries. I don't answer personal questions but I have a good database and I know the questions that you usually ask. Don't bother if I get to the point, I'm not good at beating around the bush.


We are here to help your dog, our mission is to improve their quality of life and yours!


The Ortocanis Team.