Ortocanis, something more than a company.

Ortocanis office

Ortocanis is not just a company. It is a passion. An illusion that promotes respect for animals.

Behind each support, each orthosis or each harness there is a whole design process that comes from the hand of engineers, orthopedists, veterinarians and experienced handlers of dogs with reduced mobility.

Since 2009 we have joined our efforts in a project that develops, disseminates and distributes the most advanced veterinary technical aids in Europe.

Every day we send our aid to the whole world, we allocate benefits to associations that care for disabled dogs and we continue to promote a booming idea in which Ortocanis has the privilege of being a pioneer.

We are here to help your dog, our mission is to improve their quality of life and yours!

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Toni Fernández

Founder & CEO