How to select the correct size?

To choose the correct size you must consult the product description. On the same product page below you will find the instructions to measure and select the size correctly, you can consult the standard size table and if there is a possibility of making the product to measure. Remember to select the correct size from the drop-down menu before adding the product to the cart.

How do orthoses work?

The special neoprene used by Ortocanis orthoses gives a physical support that helps the correct positioning of the muscle group andi ncrease working temperatureof tissues and joints. This increase produces effects on the hemodynamic, neuromuscular and metabolic processes:

  • Activates the release of vasodilators histamine prostaglandin, increasing blood flow.
  • Increase in nerve conduction. About 2 m / s for each degreetemperature rise.
  • Improves metabolism: increases the number of cellsimproving the body's defenses.
  • Reduces the collagen synthesis, protein that fibrous tissues.
  • Increase the elastin production, a protein that provides extensibility to collagenous soft tissues.

These effects produce the following results.

  • Pain reduction. The increased activity of skin thermo-receptors has an inhibitory effect.
  • Acceleration of the healing process of tissues. Thanks to the increase in blood supply, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, and removing waste products.
  • Increased flexibility tissue, especially if we exercise within minutes of wearing the orthosis.
  • Increased range of motion and joint stiffness, thanks to increased soft tissue extensibility.

Inquiry about orders

The buying process

You can make the purchase of the products you need through our online store, at any time, from anywhere. Select the quantity, the size according to the necessary measurements to findmore in the product description and add them to the shopping cart.
Once you have finished adding the products to the cart, go to the checkout and check that the order is correct. Enter the destination address and select the payment method and the courier you prefer. Once you confirm the order, you will receive a confirmation email.

Delivery Status

You can check the status of your order by accessing your Ortocanis profile with your username and password (Sign in, top right) You can also check the status of the shipment through the website of the selected transport company with your number of follow up or contacting directly the branch of the courier or postal service closest to your location.
We work with the following courier companies:

Express Mail Envialia Europe / Express Urgent Europe Postcard
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You have 30 days to change the product. To make a product change, the simplest thing is to place a new order for the product / size you need and send the unit you do not want back to our address.

To place the new order you just have to log in with your user (top right "log in"). You will find your username and password in the welcome email that we send you the day you placed the first order.

Returns the unused product and in perfect conditions so that we proceed to return the money. It is important that we receive it just as you received it, without samples of usehairssmells or dirt.

You have two options to send us the product:

  1. Send the unwanted product by post or by any courier company. Include the invoice or order reference inside the package so we can know who it is from.
  2. Request a collection of the unwanted product. With the delivery of the new product you can buy the collection service of the previous product, for this add to the cart where you already have the new product the product "Change”. Type in the search engine "Changes" and click on it. Then in the drop-down on the right where "Expeditions" appears, select "collection and shipping" and add it to the cart. This service has a cost of € 6.95.

IMPORTANT: If you choose the product collection option, on the outside of the new package you will see an envelope, inside this envelope you will find the return label from the previous package.
You have to remove it from the envelope and stick it on the package to be collected, the carrier will remove the package at the same time of delivery of the new order.


You have 30 days from the date of the order to make the return. You can return the product you do not want as long as it is in perfect condition, without traces of hair, odors, dirt or signs of use.

Follow these instructions to make your return:
1. Access your profile with your username and password
2. Select the section "History and details of my orders"
3. Select the details button by clicking on the + of the reference order
4. Select the product you want to return and indicate the reason
5. Request a return RMA

Wait for our response about your return and we will give you the necessary instructions to process your return correctly.

Once we receive the returned product and verified that it is in perfect conditions (Don't worry about the packaging) we will notify you of the receipt of your return and we will proceed to refund the amount of the product (we do not assume the shipping cost). Please include the invoice or order reference inside the package to identify your return.

The payment of the refund amount may take a few days, we ask for a little patience.

You can track your return at any time through your customer profile by accessing the MY RETURNS section.

How the wheelchair rental works

Renting the wheelchair for dogs is very simple. Add the size of the chair to the cart based on weight and distance from the ground to the groin, also add the deposit to the cart, confirm the cart and proceed with the purchase.

It is very important that you provide your card information in the COMMENTS section of the order to be able to charge the monthly fee automatically, we will not be able to dispatch your order if you have not provided this information.

You will receive the wheelchair for rent within 24 to 48 hours at the address you have provided.

As soon as the rental is complete and you have returned the chair, we will refund the amount of the deposit.

Check the possibility of buying the wheelchair for dogs that you have rented, we can advise you and provide you with all the information you need by calling +34 93 021 93 23

IMPORTANT! If you decide to purchase the wheelchair, please let us know so we can proceed with your order to purchase the chair. Otherwise, we will continue to charge the monthly rental charge.

The chair must be returned clean, in its box, and rental chairs may show signs that they have been used.

IMPORTANT: Rental only available for residents of the European Union.

Shipping methods

We process all our orders through the online store and ship worldwide.

You will be able to see all the prices and shipping options once you confirm the cart and enter the country and province where the order was delivered.

We remind you that shipments outside the European Union may be subject to customs control and this may delay the delivery process. The possible customs charges and taxes of each country must be assumed by the client.

Payment Methods

You can make the payment of your order as is more comfortable for you, we have several options to adapt to your needs.
Make the payment through debit / credit card, Paypal, bank transfer. In Spain you can also pay with Pagantis (financial company) or cash on delivery.


Other inquiries

Send us your question through our form by clicking hereand we will answer you ASAP.