the dog boots

Dog boots are a great help both to prevent injuries and to help them heal.

Boots as prevention… in summer and winter

Spikes : in spring and summer. They usually stick between the fingers. Once they are stuck, due to their characteristic shape, they move inwards and can travel long distances and cause serious infections. In addition, stones, twigs, crystals,… all this can injure your dog’s paws in the field.



Heat : although we do not notice it because we are wearing shoes, in summer the ground can reach really high temperatures, especially if it is dark in color (for example, asphalt). On sunny days, we should protect our dog’s pads.


Snow – Snow can lead to dermatitis and cracking of the pads. In small dogs, even freezing of the final part of the legs. (Photo dog snow boots Ortocanis)


Boots as an aid to wound treatment


Boots are a very good alternative to some bandages for dog “foot” injuries. They allow them to be more comfortable and, most importantly: they are easy to remove and put on, so we can see the state of the injury at any time and let it “breathe” from time to time. (vet photo with dog)


Boots as an aid in orthopedic diseases


Boots become essential for dogs with movement problems, whether due to hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament rupture or simply advanced osteoarthritis. They allow the dog to have a better grip on the ground, greatly improve walking, and prevent injuries due to a “slip”. Especially important inside homes, where the floor is often slippery.


Do you want to see how a dog “manages” with his boots?





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