Physiotherapy applied on animals is a practical science necessary for a successful healing process. Proof of this is the increasing number of professionals practicing physiotherapy, along with many others who are striving to learn their secrets. The growing interest in improving the well-being of pets requires an expansion of the therapeutic fields that alleviate their suffering. While in the past it seemed that physiotherapy and other techniques were performed mostly on animals intended for racing, such as racehorses or those made to work, fortunately nowadays dogs, cats and other pets receive specific care in a rigorous professional context.

Manual therapies are a part of the physical therapy techniques carried out in appropriate facilities by qualified specialists. The wear and tear over the years, inflammatory and/or degenerative components in musculoskeletal diseases and effects from accidents or birth defects are no longer acceptable reasons for our dogs to live with pain that reduces their independence, or worse.

Sealed enclosures for practicing hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, acupuncture, mobilization exercises, toning, relaxing or rehabilitating massages, are all part of healing or palliative techniques. Much remains to be done in the Spanish territory and there are still relatively few who are able to give advice about, or apply, such treatments.

There also only exists a few companies that sell these ingenious resources that compensate that which is limited by our pet's ailments. We always welcome experts and foreign suppliers who convey to us the best latest techniques within the field that help us provide the care deserved.  One of these Technical Physiotherapists is on board with us, a University professor, disseminator of physiotherapy applied to animals and Technical Director of We recommend visiting our online store to discover the great solutions we offer for the ailments mentioned above, saving your dog from pain or immobility.