Author Toni Fernández: about me

As a fierce advocate for animal rights, my academic and professional career has been woven with the firm purpose of improving the quality of life of our four-legged friends. My journey began with obtaining a degree in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Barcelona in 2001, laying the foundation for my commitment to innovation and excellence.

In 2007, I took my quest for knowledge to the next level by completing an MBA at La Salle in Barcelona and Manhattan College in New York. This experience not only broadened my perspective, but also paved the way for a multidisciplinary journey in which my technical and business skills converged.

My passion for animal welfare deepened further in 2011, when I decided to undertake the study of law at the University of Barcelona, culminating in my graduation in 2018. This legal foray strengthened my ability to advocate for animal rights and contribute to an ethical approach to technical assistance for dogs.

Since 2012, I have played an integral role in the design and manufacture of innovative technical aids for dogs. In a field where information was scarce, my pioneering approach has excelled in creating unprecedented products, challenging established conventions. My collaboration with orthopedists, veterinarians (five of whom were part of Ortocanis), aeronautical engineers and designers has enriched my perspective and consolidated my position as a reference in this specialized space.

In addition, I have worked closely with dozens of professional caregivers of dogs with mobility issues, gaining a deep understanding of each animal's individual needs. My commitment to the cause goes beyond product creation; it translates into an ongoing dedication to improving the lives of our canine companions.

With holistic expertise and a collaborative approach, I am proud to be part of the mission to transform the care of dogs with mobility challenges. In my role as editor, I am excited to share knowledge, experiences and perspectives that inspire others to join this noble and ever-evolving cause.

Awards: Most influential Veterinary Technology CEO of 2023.


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