One of the most important services a vet offers is the consultation. A simple visit will allow us to figure out what is wrong with our pet.

Determining the price of the services offered by veterinary centers is not an easy task, we have found that many centers lack regular rates, or they prefer to not report them directly.

We have also talked with customers who claimed to be unaware of the prices they were used to paying, as sometimes the vet would decide to only charge them for the treatments administered to the animal, without counting the time that was spent in the consultation.

According to a survey in 2010 given to more than 250 vets from different parts of Spain, the prices of consultations vary between €15 and €50. 80% of these do not exceed €31, and only 20% of vets charged more that €31 per visit.

A professional veterinarian’s salary

According to a study of the profession privately commissioned by the General Council of Veterinary Colleges in 2009, and with all the confidential precautions taken, the mean annual gross salary of veterinary professionals stands at approximately €24,750.

Keep in mind that this same year, only one third of these professionals worked in pet clinics, however this trend was on the rise.

In general, according to the same study, one third of professionals, mostly graduates within the last ten years, make between €12,000 and €24,000. Only 5% of the professionals make more than €48,000.