What happens if the courier delivers the parcel and I’m not home?

Don't worry!

You have to check the tracking number of your shipment. If the courier could not deliver there are two options:

1- The parcel will have been left at a Parcel Shop (i.e. a shop, bar or gas station, etc.).

You have to check the address and opening times using the tracking number so to pick up the parcel directly there.

2- The parcel will be delivered the day after at the same address.

You must check your tracking number for the order to see where the parcel is in case the courier could not deliver it to you personally.

I you chose shipment through the postal service, it will be delivered to you by the postman directly without prior notice. If the postman cannot leave the parcel in your mail box due to its size, he/she will leave a notice in your mailbox for you to go and collect it directly in the post office