My dog does not walk, which harness should I buy?

To begin with, it is important to know what the dog's problem is. Depending on the affected area or limb, we will choose one harness or another.

We have different types of harnesses:

For the hind legs:

In this case, the most used harness to hold the hip part is the support harness for dogs, which is very simple and easy to use thanks to its versatility and adjustability. It is used to help the dog support its weight to be able to walk, go up or down stairs or get into the car.

For the front legs:

Ruffwear harnesses, such as the "Web Master" harness and all harnesses of this brand are recommended to help a dog with mobility problems in the front legs. The support harness can also be used for the front limb.

For the whole body:

In case the dog needs more general support, it is advisable to use full harnesses, i.e. for both back and front legs. In this case you can opt for the Full Body Harness.

The support band is the ideal option in cases where we do not want to interfere with the dog's hip or groin area, and we need a more focused support as it supports the dog in the abdominal area.