Questions about products

How do I know which size I need?

To select the correct size of any of our products on our Web site, you must simply go the page of the product that you are interested in purchasing and scroll down to the description.

The sizes are indicated in the description of the product. Use the reference of the measurements, the breeds are just an indications; we also tell you how to take the measurements in order to select the right size.

If you have any doubt between the choice of two sizes read the description to select the correct size.

For braces in neoprene (for eg. knee, elbow, hock, carp, hip braces, etc.) there is always a certain margin due to the elasticity of the material itself, however, it is important to take the correct measurements as specified and follow the instructions for the size choice.

How much does the wheelchair for dogs cost?

To know how much the wheelchair for dogs costs, just go to the wheelchair page on our Website and in the drop down menu on the right enter the weight of the dog and the distance from the ground to the groin.

The price will change automatically once this information is inputted.

To know the total price with the shipment included, please just add the wheelchair to the cart and proceed to finalize the order.

Add your delivery address and details and the web page will calculate the various shipping costs available.

Can the dog do his physical needs with the wheelchair on?

Yes. The wheelchair does not stop the dog from doing all his physical needs. The dog gets used to doing them with the wheelchair on and standing up.

What size should I choose for the wheelchair?

The wheelchair for dogs is completely adjustable.

We have different sizes that depend from the weight of the dog basically.

To select the correct one, go to our wheelchair web page and in the drop down menu on the right enter the weight of the dog and the distance from the ground to the groin.

You don't need to worry about anything else, we will ship you the wheelchair that will adapt to your dog's size based on the indication you have made.

Can I rent a wheelchair?


You can rent the wheelchair for your dog all other Europe. The rental is per month.  

To rent you must pay:

1- A deposit. This varies on the basis of the weight of the dog (150 € - 200 € - 250 €), please check here.

2- A monthly rent. This varies on the basis of the weight of the dog (64,90 € - 79,90 € - 89,90 €), please check here.

To carry out the renting order you must first pay the deposit together with the first month's rent and indicate your credit card details in the notes of the order; this is used as a guarantee and where the monthly rent will be debited.

If you prefer you can call us and we will proceed with the order at the phone (we speak Spanish, Italian, English).

When you want to stop renting the wheelchair you must send us an email and return it with all accessories to the following address:


Riera Matamoros 53

08911 Badalona


You can ship it back with any courier. 

Once we receive the wheelchair back and verified all the parts, we will send you an email notification and refund the deposit in the follwing 5-7 working days.

When should my dog use the wheelchair?

The wheelchair for dogs is used when the dog has difficulty in walking or standing still during normal activity.

One thinks that it should be used only when the dog has completely lost the mobility of its hind legs, but this is not true at all.

The wheelchair is often used for rehab, thanks to the fact that it sustains the weight of the dog and leaves the legs free to move them without sustaining its own weight.

Thus the muscles of the legs continue to work and to be used without muscle mass loss.

The wheelchair allows the dog to be autonomous and independent, not like the harness that needs someone to help the dog walk.

The wheelchair has accessories to support or not the back legs, depending on the heat. It can be used both in cases of partial mobility (when the dog has difficulty in standing up and walking) or in cases of total loss of mobility and the dog simply drags his/her legs.

I cannot assemble the wheelchair for my dog, what can I do?

We send specific instructions on how to assemble the wheelchair in our package.

Should you need further help go to our video in Youtube “How to assemble the wheelchair".

거동이 불편한 반려견에게 어떤 하네스가 도움이 될까요?

시작하려면 개가 어떤 문제를 가지고 있는지 알아야 합니다. 영향을받는 지역에 따라 가장 적합한 제품을 볼 수 있습니다. 다양한 유형의 중괄호가 있습니다.


이 경우 가장 추천하는 하네스는 엉덩이를 지탱하는 데 사용되는 "후방 지지 하네스"입니다. 다용도성과 조정 가능성 덕분에 매우 간단하고 사용하기 쉽습니다. 예를 들어 강아지가 걷거나, 계단을 오르내리거나, 차에 오르거나 내릴 때 도움을 주는 데 사용됩니다.

앞다리의 경우:

"웹 마스터 하네스"와 같은 Ruffwear 하네스와 이 브랜드의 모든 하네스는 앞다리의 이동성 문제가 있는 강아지를 돕기 위해 권장되지만, 예를 들어 개가 더 이상 걸을 수 없는 경우가 아닌 심각하지 않은 경우에만 적용됩니다. 자율적으로.


개가 더 일반적인 지원을 필요로 하는 경우 앞다리와 뒷다리 모두를 위한 완전한 지지 하네스를 사용하는 것이 좋습니다. 이 경우 "완전 지지대"를 선택할 수 있습니다.

"지지 슬링"은 개의 엉덩이 부분이나 사타구니를 방해하고 싶지 않고 개의 복부 영역에서보다 일반적인 지원이 필요한 경우 이상적인 옵션입니다.

I do not know how to put the product on my dog, where are the instructions?

You will find the instructions on the same web page of the product, just by scrolling down to the description.

It may also be that they come with the product if it is wheelchairs or electronic material.

Remember to make a gradual introduction of the orthoses, that is, use it for a few minutes the first day and thoroughly review the area of ​​the body in contact with the dog to rule out possible friction with the material.

If the size is correct little by little the dog will adapt and we can lengthen the treatment period. In general, orthoses are recommended to be worn about ten minutes before and for the duration of the walk. And always under our supervision.

For how long can I leave the product on the dog?

We advise you to introduce any kind of product gradually.  In the first few days you should check for skin reactions or redness. We use soft materials to reduce rubbing to the minimum.

In the case of any kind of lesion or wound you should remove the product and wait for the wound to be fully healed.

For braces, it is advisable to put them on ten minutes before taking the dog for a walk so that the neoprene warms up, and keep it on for up to ten minutes after returning home.

Can I wash the product?


The product should be hand-washed in cold water to guarantee a long life.