Dog with a herniated disc in a wheelchair

Two herniated discs have not been able to stop Lolo from moving forward, literally keep moving despite his disability.  Lolo, this sweet 7 year old bulldog weighing 17 kg, stopped moving his hind legs a month ago. Nobody saw him fall or anything like it. One day he just never got up from his bed and his owners realized he could not stand.

MRI herniated discThey went to the vet right away and he was diagnosed with a herniated disc.

In this condition a spinal disc comes out of its place between two vertebral bodies, moving upwards and pressing on the spinal cord. Moreover, the area becomes very inflamed. Both things end up causing injury to the spinal nerves. The symptoms range from simple pain to full paralysis. Depending on the part of the spine that is affected, the consequences for the animal will vary.

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There was only one possibility to operate but there weren't any guarantees, however they didn’t hesitate to try it. Despite being within the 24 hours from the moment of injury, margin in which the possibility of recovery exists, and proceeding to operate immediately, Lolo has not been able to regain mobility in his legs. He also cannot do his business and has to be “emptied” three times a day.

Lolo had always run in a strange way, somewhat to the side. Now he continues to move but in an even more particular fashion. After a month of practically not being able to move, he has been able to go where he wants… to sniff signals from other dogs. This is Lolo in his new wheelchair: