Technical Aid Packs for Professionals


Ortocanis Initiation Pack

Promotional initiation pack of technical aids. Perfect for getting to know the material and quality of the products and for experimenting with them

Harness support pack for dogs

Pack of 5 Harness Supports

Ideal for dogs with hip osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or neurological problems in the hindlimbs. One size fits all. Top selling harness supports.

Canine elbow brace pack

Pack of 4 Elbow Braces

Support and keep the joint warm while protecting against hygromas and calluses. It includes one model of each size.



Canine Knee Brace Pack

Pack of 7 Knee Braces


Pack Hip Supports

Pack of 3 Hip Supports

For mild to moderate dysplasia and hip osteoarthritis. Available in 3 sizes, comes with one of each model.


Carpal Support Pack

Carpal Support Pack

Canine Boot Splint Pack


Pack of 5 Canine Boot Splints