Animals suffering from a herniated disc should receive special care at home. The following precautions are necessary during and after treatment:

  • Avoid slippery floors or use rubber dog boots.

  • Avoid ramps and stairs at the beginning of treatment, both when the dog has undergone surgery or conservative treatment. Once rehabilitated, ramps can be used to help them get on the couch and into the car as doing so alone could cause a relapse.

  • It is advisable for them to rest on soft, clean surfaces firm enough to help the integration of the animal, such as these special mattresses for dogs.

    Dog wheelchair
  • If the animal is unable to move on its own, help your pet change its position every 4-6 hours to prevent ulcers.

  • You can help your dog move around with a rear support harness, thus not allowing the animal to drag itself around the house which could possibly cause further wounds or damage the injured area.

  • Keep skin clean and dry.

  • Use special dog feeders adjustable to the dog's height as not to put added pressure on the injured area.

  • Proper diet and weight control. 

It is very important to create an exercise routine and environment for your pet that helps keep the animal comfortable and maintain a high quality of life.

Ortocanis Technical Team