Mushing, now better known as a sport, is a traditional practice that is very useful for moving through the snow using - yes - sled dogs as the sole engine. This mode of transport has been so successful that someone even thought of practicing it without there being any snow. The Monegros race is proof that this person was not alone with this idea, a competition that covers more than 150 kilometers.

Material Mushing

Returning to the original idea of snow mushin with more extreme conditions, we must clarify that the care taken of the dogs by the veterinary team and the Handler is very exhaustive.

Both the Musher, name given to the individual running with the dogs, and the Handler, assistant to the Musher, are indispensable to the team, however the determining factor in reaching victory will be the strength and physical condition of the animals.

It is of utmost importance for the Musher that all safety measures are taken to ensure the animal's well-being, thus performing veterinary checks before and after each competition.


Tips for improving the performance of mushing dogs

There is a certain ceramic fabric that exists that, when heated, functions as infrared, reflecting the dog's own body heat. This reflected heat increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, relaxes tense muscles and facilitates all recovery processes.

Back on Track is a brand marketed by Ortocanis that uses this fabric. Using their products for sled dogs is entirely within regulations and is a great way to warm muscles before each competition, enhance performance during or after competitions, improve recovery and prevent the onset of injuries contributing effectively to the well-being of the animals.

Ortocanis recommends continuous, thorough veterinary checks in order to obtain the best results from the product used on the mushing dogs, always indicating, both to the musher and handler, the specific and particular method or application for each product in order to consistently guarantee the health of the animals.

For mushing dogs, we recommend waterproof thermal jackets, carpal and tarsal protectors, back protectors as well as beds made of material enabling the dogs to sleep well, rest and recover better.

Consult our specialist for any questions you may have.


Ortocanis Technical Team