Pets offer significant benefits to the people that share their lives with them, both emotionally and physically.

When they have an accident or suffer from a degenerative illness, dogs receive a lot of very good care from veterinary clinics and their staff, and they can undergo medical and surgical procedures that were inconceivable years ago.

doggwheelchairDogs can lose mobility in their hind legs for various reasons, ranging from traumatic causes like spine or hip fractures to degenerative illnesses that may be accompanied by pain.

The market offers a whole host of wheelchairs for dogs, ranging from handcrafted models (you can download a manual that explains how to make one yourself at home) to wheelchairs for dogs made by hand by animal lovers that sell them at very reasonable prices, to more “advanced” models that are very elaborately designed and offer as much flexibility and adaptability as possible.

Wheelchairs for dogsThe most important thing to think about when ordering a wheelchair is taking the measurements correctly, and then waiting for it to be manufactured and sent to the home of the injured dog. Handcrafted chairs are sturdy but they are also heavy and bulky and offer limited possibilities when it comes to adapting to the animal in question. You can order the chairs on the internet or at several veterinary clinics, and they normally take between 15 days and one month to arrive.

The seats are made from a range of materials. The simplest ones, which you can make yourself if you follow the instructions on the internet, are made from PVC pipe, the handcrafted ones are normally made from steel or another type of metal which can be painted, and industrial wheelchairs for dogs are made from lighter, more aesthetic materials or extruded aluminium.

The latter group are the lightest ones on the market. In fact, there is an American chair that Air-filled pneumatic tires for wheelchaircan be adapted to fit any dog, therefore you do not have to wait for it to be manufactured and you can get it from one day to the next. This flexibility is an advantage when your dog is lying on the floor and cannot get up. Adaptable wheelchairs for dogs can be used continuously, you can fold them up to travel and they take up very little space. In addition, they are designed in a way that allows the dog to adapt very quickly, as it is possible to make a large number of adjustments according to the progress the dog makes. The seats are ideal for puppies as they can be adjusted as the dog grows and if they grow a lot, all you need to do is change the wheels.

The choice of wheels for all wheelchair models is very important. The type of wheel used depends on where the dog lives, where it goes out for walks and the environment it spends time in. A small wheel is more suitable for a dog that mainly spends time in the city, a flat or a small house and only goes out to a nearby park or for walks on the pavement, as it is easier to manage, easier to get through narrow spots and easier to manoeuvre. A larger wheel, similar to that of a small bike, with spokes and good bearings, would be more suitable for a dog that lives in the countryside, goes to the mountains for walks or that lives in a large residential area with fields or large areas of grass, soil or sand. The seat will be more stable and sturdy, although it would be slightly heavier and difficult to manoeuvre in small places.


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