Sphincter problems in dogs with paralysis


Motor disability in dogs usually leads to other pathologies. Above all, if the problems are in the hind legs, which causes serious mobility difficulties . This causes more problems for them. Among them are ulcers due to lack of movement and bone problems due to forced postures and displacements. Both problems are visible to the naked eye, so it is common to act on them quickly. Others are not so obvious, such as toilet training problems .

For the first, special care must be provided to the animal’s skin. In the case of bone problems, an adapted wheelchair is the solution. Not only because the animal will be able to move with almost total normality. Also because you will be able to maintain your natural posture. This will prevent bone deformities and spinal problems. But with toilet training problems, since they’re not that obvious, extra precautions need to be taken. What can be done to alleviate the problems that this entails?


Problems of sphincters in dogs: hygiene above all

When a dog with mobility problems does not control its sphincters, among other things, it will stop controlling its urine. Also feces. Therefore it is necessary to avoid that their hind legs and the back of their spine are in contact with the droppings . It will be necessary, therefore, extreme hygiene in these areas.

Many dog owners often put diapers on them to avoid escapes or hygiene problems at home. Placing underpads in your bed to collect urine may also work. If the dog is female, special washable panties can be placed on it to prevent dripping. If it’s male, a special anti-drip girdle .

If the dog wears diapers, they must be removed every day for a few hours to avoid skin problems in the areas covered by the diaper. In addition, they must be changed with certain frequency . Generally, it’s good to take them off when you take them out for a walk. But you also have to keep their buttocks very clean. To do this, in addition to cleaning it with soap and water, you can use wet wipes or gauze soaked in physiological serum.

urine infections

When a dog does not have mobility in its hind legs, it can suffer from diseases derived from its condition. Among them, various infections . Of these, the most frequent are those of urine . This is because, due to lack of mobility, your bladder does not empty completely . Therefore, there is always fluid retained inside it, which leads to infection.

To avoid greater evils for dogs with paralysis, you have to be attentive to the appearance of their urine . If changes in color or smell are seen in it, they may be signs of a urine infection. In these cases it is necessary, more than advisable, to consult with the veterinarian to examine the animal.

It will be the one who decides the most appropriate treatment for him. He may even decide to empty his bladder , a delicate procedure that should only be carried out by veterinarians. In cases of recurrent infections, he may advise regular bladder emptying to try to reduce the number of infections.

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