Why is my dog limping?


It is quite common to see a dog limp . Like humans, a bad step or a blow can lead them to suffer pain. And as a consequence to limp for a few minutes. But when time passes and they don’t stop doing it, or when they start to limp on one leg for no apparent reason, it’s a good idea to find the causes.

To do this, the first thing is to check the leg on the outside. It may simply be that the animal has stuck something in the area of the paw pads and is hurting it when walking. In these cases, it will suffice to carefully remove it and disinfect the affected area. Sometimes you can remove it yourself. But other times, what is wrong will not be so obvious, and it will be necessary to go to the vet to examine the dog.


-“My dog limps”: let’s see the possible causes.

Aside from getting something stuck in the leg, or suffering from an injury, the most common cause of a dog limping is a joint injury . Or in the muscles and bones. In many of these cases, it will be revealed by some swelling in the leg, or an inflammation in the joints. But other times there will be no external sign that gives it away. In these cases, the dog starts to limp suddenly. Many times, it does so after practicing physical activity of a certain intensity. Among the most common injuries are ligament tears and dislocations , as well as fractures .

The effects of age can also cause a dog to limp due to conditions such as osteoarthritis . In these cases, the veterinarian must prepare a plan for the dog to get better. It can also be caused by dysplasia , either of the hip or elbow. In this case, the hip or elbow joint becomes inflamed, and does not fit properly in its rightful place. In many cases it may require surgery to correct.

Also, in young dogs, it can be caused by something similar to the pain children experience in their legs as they grow. It is more frequent in large dogs, and disappears only after a few weeks. It is called panosteitis and can pass from one leg to another. In any case, it is much less worrying than the previous causes.

What to do if your dog limps

The first thing to do when faced with lameness in a dog is to go to the vet. He will examine you to determine the causes of the ailment and will give you the appropriate treatment. In some cases, anti- inflammatories and perhaps a splint, orthosis or harness will suffice. But in other cases surgery will be advisable to correct the problem.

In other cases, the animal will have to perform various rehabilitation exercises. And you may need some help to improve your ambulation . For example, a joint protector , which will vary depending on the affected leg. And the area of it that is affected. These neoprene protectors will increase the working temperature of the joint, accelerating metabolism and recovery while reducing pain and inflammation.

In any case, it is advisable to follow the recommendation of the veterinarian before placing one.

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