What to do with a dog that drags its knuckles when walking


The way dogs walk can be affected by numerous ailments. They can walk poorly due to joint problems, or because a foreign object has stuck in them. These changes in the way of walking serve to detect various pathologies that have no other external manifestation. For example, when faced with a dog that drags its knuckles , it can be suspected that it suffers from some ailment related to the sciatic nerve.

Generally, this phenomenon usually occurs in the hind legs of the dog. It can happen in one of the legs or in both. And although it does not prevent him from walking, it does make it difficult for him to walk . Also, you will hurt your paw and feel pain if you walk for a long time.

Why does a dog drag his knuckles when walking?

The reasons why a dog drags his knuckles when walking can be very varied. This problem may be due, for example, to problems in the animal’s sciatic nerve . But it can also be due to spinal injury , myeloplasia , or degenerative myelopathy .

In any case, it is important to go to the vet as soon as it is detected , so that it can be diagnosed correctly and find a solution. Otherwise, in addition to the damage you may already have in your lower back or spine, it will also damage your legs.

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What to do to correct knuckle drag

The first thing to try to avoid this is, as we have mentioned, go to the vet. Faced with a dog that drags its knuckles when walking, the specialist will recommend treatment after diagnosis. This may be corrective or, if the animal has a degenerative disease, palliative. In the latter case, the aim will not be to correct the problem, but rather to provide the animal with the best possible quality of life .

In addition to the medication or the precautions to be taken, the veterinarian will recommend various guidelines so that the dog is as comfortable as possible. Among them, when the animal is at home it has a comfortable place to lie down . And one that can be easily lifted . By bending your knuckles, you may have a hard time getting up, because your grip will fail. Therefore, in addition to falling, the affected leg can be injured.

Apart from this, the new proprioceptive corrector can also be placed on the affected leg. This corrector will support the knuckles and fingers of the affected leg so that you can support it correctly. With it, the animal will have adequate tension at the necessary points to prevent the knuckles from bending. You can rest your paw on the pads normally.

Of course, this type of correctors cannot be worn indefinitely. In general, as the veterinarian will advise, the ideal is that they should be worn for a short period of time at first. For example, 15 minutes . Then you can gradually increase the time that the animal can carry it. Of course, in no case is it recommended to wear it for more than two hours . And in case you have to carry it for so long, it is advisable to protect the leg with a special boot .

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