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Male Wrap for Dogs
  • Male Wrap for Dogs
  • Male Wrap for Dogs
  • Male Wrap for Dogs

Male Wrap for Dogs


Male wraps prevent urine leakages in male dogs with incontinence. It wraps around the dog's belly and up over the back with a velcro closure and prevents urine from ruining furniture and carpets. An alternative to dog diapers that often don't meet the needs of male dogs.


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Male Wrap for Dogs

Urine loss is common in eldery dogs and/or dogs with various conditions. This can become a problem at home as a result of the foul odors and deterioration caused to floors, carpets and seating areas. 

The male wrap is a band made of a waterproof, soft and comfortable polyester fabric that remains dry and can be reused even after coming into direct contact with urine. Designed to be used with sanitary pads that can be inserted into the wrap to absorb urine. The elastic borders allow for a perfect fit to the dog's shape and size and prevent leakage. 

It will keep your home protected from germs and odor. 


1. Take a sewing tape, or a tape measure and string.

2. Measure the contour of the abdomen at the level of the mid-abdomen (if in doubt, check the indications in the product images).

3. Look at the size chart for the size that corresponds to the measurement taken.

Size Circumference (approx.) Weight (approx.)
XS 25 cm 1 - 3 kg
S 35 cm 3 - 7 kg
M 45 cm 7 - 12 kg
L 55 cm 12 - 22 kg
XL 65 cm 23 - 34 kg
XXL 75 cm 34 - 45 kg
 -   (Madrid, Spain)
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 -   (Valencia, Spain)
La faja es perfecta para lo que necesitábamos, que era algo que le sujetara el pañal de bebé que lleva debajo. Así que, problema solucionado para un perro incontinente.
 -   (Valencia, Spain)
Perfecta! es lo que necesitaba!. Permite llevar un pañal debajo y con el fajín aseguro que no se mueva y que no se caiga.
 -   (barcelona, Spain)
No es muy practica, no se si es porque es posible que le vaya grande o que . Pero la verdad es que se le cae continuamente.