Aids for dogs with knee problems, lameness, pain, torn ligaments, dislocated patella and other knee problems. on your knees

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The knee of dogs is an important joint for their mobility. Injuries such as torn anterior cruciate ligaments are common, causing lameness and pain. Hip dysplasia and degenerative joint disease also affect this area. These ailments can limit your dog's movement and quality of life. The Ortocanis orthopedic aid products that you will find here offer solutions for the recovery and well-being of your dog.

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buy Quick splint - Technical assistance
buy Knee immobilizer for dogs - Hindlimb
buy Hinged Knee Brace for Dogs - Custom joint protection
buy Custom Knee Brace for Dogs - Custom joint protection
buy Knee Brace Fastening Belt - Accessories
buy Adjustable Dog Wheelchair - Dog Wheelchair
buy Rear Support Harness - Technical assistance
buy Full Support Harness for dog - Technical assistance
buy TENS Pack for Dogs - TENS
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buy TENS Pack for Dogs without gel - TENS
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