High-Tech Pet Bed


Made with a special three-dimensional fabric that provides, amongst others, the following unique advantages: breathability, excellent weight distribution, moisture resistant and fully adaptable to your dog's body. 

Recommended for dogs with leishmaniasis, dysplasia and/or any other joint pain.

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High-Tech Pet Bed

This high-tech special pet bed made of three-dimensional fabric helps to distribute the animal's weight evenly, adapting perfectly to its body. The bed is breathable, letting in moisture without getting wet. It can be used with an absorbent pad underneath, as the special 3D fabric allows liquid to pass thus maintaining a dry surface. 

Its special 3D fabric protects the animal's bony protrusions from excessive pressure when the dog is lying down for an extended period of time. Specially recommended for older dogs, with spinal injuries and for recovering dogs. 

Main Features

— Maximum strength.
— Keeps its appearance wash after wash without losing cushioning or body.
— Optimum hygiene thanks to its breathability.
— Easy care: can be machine washed or with a hose.
— Extremely fast drying, both when air dried or tumble dried.
— Prevents the accumulation of bad odours.
— Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
— Maximum comfort and well-being (stability): recommended for dogs with leishmaniasis, hip dysplasia, arthritis and/or any conditions with joint pain.
— 100% adaptable to the animal's body.
— Does not change color or rot, and is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions.

There are a wide variety of colors to choose from, if when you place the order we don't have the one you're looking for, we will get it for you in a few days!



 55 x 35 cm

22" x 14"


 70 x 50 cm

28" x 20"


 85 x 60 cm

33" x 24"


 100 x 70 cm

39" x 28"

In all sizes the 3D fabric is 2.5 cm (1") thick.

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Ratings and comments from our customers

 -   (Simmern, Germany)
No comments
 -   (Kerikeri, New Zealand)
Nice spongey bed with lots of cushion for a dog with bone and joint issues. It was a few centimetres smaller than the listed dimensions, but other than that I really like it and so does my dog. Wish it came in larger sizes as it is a bit small for my rottweiler, but it is comfortable for him and is very well constructed. Nice colours, great quality.
 -   (CABA, Argentina)
humedo el colchon no es lo que pensaba. el perro queda humedo